5 Reasons to Sell Your Northern Virginia Home This Fall

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School is in session here in Northern Virginia and the crazy summer schedule is settling down for everyone--kids or no kids! If spending more time at home has got you considering a move, it isn't necessary to wait until Spring to sell your home. Fall can be a great time to sell!
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Here are 5 reasons to consider a Fall home sale:
  1. Serious buyers: In the Spring, we get a lot of what we call 'Lookie-Loos' making the rounds. Everyone else seems to be looking at homes and so they jump on board and start looking, too. It seems like, while you don't have as many buyers out in the Fall, those who are out are serious. 
  2. More accessibility to support people: During the busy Spring Real Estate season, Realtor®s are busy, contractors are busy, settlement agents are busy, lenders are busy--you get the picture. In the Fall, everyone has just a bit more time to spend with you which can make for a more pleasant experience.
  3. Less competition: If a seller has their home on the market in the Fall, they are serious about selling. There are generally fewer homes for sale (although, not always) as people take homes off the market and decide to wait until Spring to sell. This positions your property to be right there for the serious buyer.
  4. Weather is good: Fall is one of the prettiest times in Northern Virginia. You might not have blooming azaleas, but your flowers won't be wilting and your grass will look pretty good!
  5. You will be settled in your new home by the time the spring market rolls around. Selling now means that by next Spring Real Estate market, you will be in your new home and unworried about rising interest rates, keeping the dishes out of the sink and all the other little things that can make selling stressful.
Fall can be a great time to sell your Northern Virginia home! If you are ready for a new place, don't be afraid to jump in to the real estate market this fall. You will be happy that you did.
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