Simple Outdoor Water Saving Tips

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The summer season isn’t over yet and with some parts of the US experiencing abnormally dry conditions, saving water throughout the year is more important than ever. How can you reduce your usage? These water-saving power moves can help a lot.


  • Make Your Own Rain – Placing rain barrels under your gutters to collect storm runoff is a smart tip for keeping water usage down. You can use the accumulated water to fill watering cans to water plants and potted items on patios and balconies.
  • Install Rain Sensors - Installing rain sensors can override your sprinkler system’s settings, thus helping you to avoid unnecessary and over watering when the rain comes.
  • Check for Leaks – At least once a year, have a sprinkler system expert inspect your system to determine if your system is working efficiently and help detect leaks both above and below ground. A simple inspection call can save you hundreds of dollars while saving tons of water as well.


Lastly, water your lawn during the cool parts of the day, in the early morning or late evening, to reduce water loss from evaporation. Don’t water the lawn on windy days because much of it will be lost to evaporation.
Water conservation at home is one of the easiest measures to put in place, and saving water should become part of every family’s daily practice. It can make the biggest difference of all.




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