Seller Advice: How can you maximize available space in your house?

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Are you planning to move into a new house with more space? Well, everyone eventually requires a bigger home for the growing family or just for upgrading living standards. However, it might get troublesome to sell your smaller house. Is it possible to maximize available space during open houses? Yes, it might surprise you but with some simple changes, you can maximize the available space in your house.

Make your house look bigger


Top 5 Tips to Make Your Small House Look Bigger

If you ask any experienced realtor®, this is the only trick that you would require to sell your house. Let us start with the list:

·         Choose light colors for painting: Painting is one of the cheapest and most effective factors in selling your house. Painting light colors will help you ensure maximum light reflection, which gives a bigger feel to the room. Every experienced realtor® would suggest neutral colors for the house and make sure to paint the ceiling with a lighter color. It is best to paint the doors, baseboards, and walls with the same color for complete blending.

·         Get rid of oversized furniture: Anyone would enjoy a nap over your oversized couch but at the same time, it will cover a majority of space in your living room. While preparing your house for an open house, remove any oversized sofas and beds from smaller rooms. The buyers should get sufficient space to move around and feel comfortable with the arrangement. Make sure to replace large dressers with smaller ones and choose twin-size beds instead of king-size.

·         Get rid of clutter: Do you wonder about the available space in your room after cleaning it up at the weekend? Getting rid of the clutter can boost the room size significantly and it is extremely important for smaller houses. Spend some additional hours to remove any extra stuff from every room and store it in the basement during the viewing.

·         Ensure maximum natural light in your house: One of the easiest ways to make your house look bigger is to get as much natural light in as possible. It includes opening all the window coverings, shutters, and blinds. At the same time, turn up lights in your kitchen and choose bright-colored lights during open house. You can use accent lights and floor lamps to your advantage.

·         Place mirrors in your house: It might seem odd but placing mirrors at critical locations within your house can make it look large. You can use mirrors on an open wall, especially in the dining room and family room.


Avoid these 3 mistakes during open house

Your home certainly looks bigger with these tips; however, it is equally important to ensure an excellent visitor experience for a sale. Here are some common mistakes homeowners make during open houses.

·         Not paying attention to the curb appeal: The last mistake that one could make is to avoid the curb appeal of the house. This is a major turnoff for every single buyer because first impression is the last impression. Everyone would love to live in a house that looks great and attractive. You don’t have to hire a home stager or spend thousands of dollars on the curb appeal. Start with small changes including cleaning dirty windows, cutting overgrown grass, replacing worn-out front doors, and placing a doormat. It will take less than a few hours to do these things but their impact is enormous.

·         Not cleaning clutter: How can you imagine your family in a house full of clutter? Any potential buyer should be able to envision his family in your house and for that, you need to get rid of the clutter. Remove all the small appliances, utensils, and containers from countertops and get rid of extra furniture from the living room.


·         Ignoring simple repairs: You might be comfortable with that broken shower or washbasin pipe but the buyers won’t be. Before the buyer comes to know about any of these small issues, it is best to put in some extra efforts and do small repairs. Make sure that your house is all set for the market.  

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