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Simple things to do before Marketing your Home

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Here is a simple list of five things to do before Marketing your Home:

1. Curb appeal:  Is your lawn and are your bushes neatly manicured? Are there nice flowers or plants framing your entrance? Is the walkway free from cracks and other items that can be tripped on? Are your windows clean? Is your paint peeling? Is the grass healthy? Does your front door have a fresh coat of stain or paint? Curb appeal can be a chore or fund for the whole family. Either way, it has to happen bevore the sign goes in the yard! And, by the way, continue it until the house is at the closing table...IT IS JUST THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

2. Have a pre-sale home inspection. Be proactive. An inspector will give you a good indication of what will stand out to potential buyers. Plus, it is highly likely they buyer will hire an inspector themselves. Why not eliminate everything he would report on. You will be able to make repairs before buyers start charging you by low offers and or before their inspector gets there and buyers resquests start flying in like a sky rocket. LOOK LIKE A MILLION BUCKS ... get things done a head of time.

3. Get replacement estimates. IF you have big-ticket items that are worn out or will need to be replaced soon, such as your roof, fogged windows, old carpet or old appliances. Get estimates on how much it would cost to replace them, even if you don't plan on doing it yourself. The figures will help buyers determine if they can afford the home and will be handy when negotiations begin.

4. Find warranties and survey. Gather up the warranties, guarantees, user manuals for furnace and other large items and your survey...this will save you time scrambling for them when you get an offer.

5. Organize and clean. De-clutter! Items like kitchen tools, out-of-season clothes, toys and exercise equipment need to GO. And dont hide it in the garage. Store items off site. Hiding items in the garage or closets just makes buyers think the home is too small. Clean windows, floors, light fixtures, heat ducts, vents, appliances and baseboards. Nothing worse than having a buyer show up and think that since the home is cluttered and dirty that the house is not being taken care of. What would you rather buy...a shiny penny or an old dirty one?


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Texas Agent Caroline Frenette, this topic of Home Improvement is very relevant to AR & the simple things to do before marketing your home. Have a nice Thursday!

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