What is My Mountlake Terrace Home Worth?

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                                        What is My Mountlake Terrace WA Home Worth?



 When people are planning on selling anything the first thing they do is look at comparable things that either are for sale or have sold in the past and real estate is no different. The problem with real estate and most other items is we never really know exactly what they sold for. I spoke with a man yesterday who seemed fairly knowledgeable about real estate in his immediate area and rattled off prices for some of the not so recent sales on La Pierre Drive, 232nd, 51st Ave West and another on 54th Ave West all in Mountlake Terrace and when I got home and checked he was right about one thing these properties had sold or at least been on the market. But to consider properties comparable they actually have to be comparable in square footage, interior finishes, the time of sale and believe it or not how the property was sold. 


The property on La Pierre Drive was flipped and sold by an investor 18 months ago, the home on 232nd was sold for sale by owner and was in disrepair, the home on 51st was sold at foreclosure auction and needed some updating and the home on 54th Ave West was actually very close except the garage was turned into the master bedroom and was just on the market and hadn’t actually sold yet. Now being that all of these homes are in the neighborhood may make them a comparable property but can you really know what your Mountlake Terrace home in the 98043 zip code is worth just by looking at some of the neighboring homes for sale? 


The home on La Pierre Drive was bought at auction for 100K less than the sales price and the home had almost no work done to it. The home was sold 18 months ago and the investors wanted a quick sale so I would put that home at 50K less than what the home would be sold for today. The home on 232nd was not marketed correctly as it was a for sale by owner and I would put that home at 25K below market value. The foreclosure on 51stneeded updating and was bought for cash so I would put that property at 40K below market value. The property on 54th was way overpriced, by at least 35K and will never sell at the listed price. So while these properties might be for sale unless you have the inside knowledge that real estate brokers pay for, understand what creates value and the methodology behind real estate appraising you could be way off on the comparable properties  you are using to determine the value for your Mountlake Terrace home. 


It’s OK to put your hand up and ask for professional advice, a simple brokers price opinion doesn’t take too much time and that is what we do everyday. So if you would like to know what your Mountlake Terrace home is worthand have a  team of real estate professionals, one with a degree in real estate appraisal and the other with 10 years of appraisal experience estimate the value of your Mountlake Terrace home click on this link.


With over decade of experience investing in real estate and flipping homes the Top Dollar Real Estate does a whole lot more than just put a sign in your yard. We are also a licensed, bonded and insured general contracting company called Top Dollar General Contracting and we have the skills and know how to transform your home into a home that will get Top Dollar and really impress buyers. While we are happy to give you an estimate of the value of your home, we also offer to perform a walk-through of your home and provide estimates of what it will cost to insure that you get Top Dollar on the sale of your home. 


Maybe you are looking to buy a home in Mountlake Terrace, WA or you don't believe me and want to find some comparable sales yourself or just check out some of the current listings in your neighborhood. Let's at least make it easy for you then. Here are some links for all of the homes currently for sale in Mountlake Terrace, WA in the 98043 Zipcode


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For any real estate related questions ask for the opinions and advice of the Top Dollar Real Estate Team with Keller Williams in Mountlake Terrace, WA. The owner Gabriel Heck, has four college degrees in Real Estate with nearly twenty years of real estate investment and sales experience and if he can't answer your questions then he will find someone for you that can! 


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