6 Reasons with People don’t do SEO (even though they know they should)

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Entrepreneur Realty Franchise

Organic search engine traffic is the most valuable asset for your website.   Often people are in denial of this – but this is a FACT.  So why do some many businesses refrain from actively pursuing in organic SEO activities?


Whether you are a real estate agent, entrepreneur, or run a small business it is crucial that you focus on increasing organic presence and traffic.


Here are the top reasons we see people object to doing it.


Objection 1: SEO produce results?

Many people believe that because of continuous changes to search engines algorithms and various new developments in the SEO industry, SEO techniques no longer work.   Nothing is further from the truth though. Many SEO techniques can still help a website to achieve higher rankings and increase its traffic.


Objection 2: SEO is erratic?

SEO has an opinion of being a very unpredictable and unreliable traffic source.  Once you optimize your site to its maximum SEO potential, there is very little chance that you will experience any problems with it.  SEO seems unpredictable only if you know very little of it. Once you educate yourself in the basics of search engine optimization, you will begin to understand how to use it to bring results and when that’s going to happen.


Objection 3: SEO changes too quickly?

SEO is a fast developing industry. This is partially due to search engines constantly updating their algorithms, with many of those updates happening daily. Not all of those changes affect the website’s performance directly though, some are only minor tweaks that won’t affect your rankings in any noticeable way.


Objection 4: SEO is too expensive?

SEO is not free. In order to achieve results, you need to invest money, time and other resources in it. The cost of SEO however is incomparably lower to what it costs to promote a website through paid advertising channels like PPC for instance or purchasing traffic in any other way.

Moreover, compared to the total spend for the paid traffic options, SEO offers a fairly good ROI.


Objection 5: SEO takes too long to bring results?

It takes time to build rankings and establish an online presence, that’s true. At the same time, SEO is one of the steadiest marketing activities and once your website is optimized, it can keep on continuously bringing results for your business.


Objection 6: SEO is too technical?

Some aspects of SEO are certainly technical, affecting how a website is built and optimized. The majority of SEO work however focuses on stringent marketing activities including:  finding keywords to target, creating content that attracts visitors from Google searches, having a local citation strategy are all key parts of success. 



Given its many benefits, investing in organic search engine optimization is more important than ever before.   Google, who has over an 81% market share of search engine traffic, has made it clear that this is not going away anytime soon, if ever.  If you are not doing this, your competitors probably are which can be detrimental to your business!