Fall Trails Near Park City, Utah

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Park City is a hub for endless outdoor activities in any season which draws thousands of visitors each year. With autumn fast approaching, outdoor activities become more colorful and vibrant with the leaves quickly changing and autumn hikes are the perfect way to enjoy the season with family and friends. Whether you’re looking for a good hiking trail for yourself or your family for any skill level, or a beautiful biking trail for enjoying the crisp autumn air and Park City’s surrounding scenery, there are lots of trails available to help you make the most of this autumn.

For an easier hiking or biking experience that is best suited toward beginners or those looking for a more casual experience, the Beaver Creek Trail is a great option. Running alongside a stream that inhabits many beavers and their dams and beautiful forest scenery that showcases brilliant colors in the fall, the Beaver Creek Trail is fairly flat which is perfect for kids who aren’t up for miles of steep hills and it’s also ideal for bikers who want to practice tricks and bike stunts. The Beaver Creek Trail is also good for off road rides and ATVs. The trailhead is just 6 miles east of Kamas on the Mirror Lake Highway and continues for 9 miles of easy terrain before things get a bit more challenging.

For hiking and biking trails near Park City that are a level up in difficulty but still quite enjoyable in the chilly autumn air, try out Glenwild Loop that offer plenty of steeper climbs for hikers and bikers. The trailhead is in Glenwild itself which is near Park City.

The High Meadow Loops is another great trail for a light challenge as this trek winds through aspen groves of gold in the autumn season and the fragrant smells of pine and fir trees for miles.

Park City’s Deer Valley Resort is not only an ideal spot for enjoying winter activities, it’s also a prime place for hikes, particularly in the autumn season when the fall foliage is peaking and the colors are beautiful. The trail options at Deer Valley Resort vary with some going mostly downhill after riding a lift to the top of the mountain. There is also a bike shop at the resort so those who are interested in biking some of Deer Valley’s trails this fall can either rent a bike or make sure their own is well tuned and ready for adventure beforehand. 

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