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Stage Your Marketing - Part 3

Social Media Marketing

 You don't have to look much further than Pete Frates to see the power of social media. He turned a simple "ice bucket challenge"into one of the most succesful awareness/fundraising campaigns ever! 

Social media is FREE and using it as a marketing tool can put your home infront of thousands of people who may not be looking for a house but know someone that is. 

The best part about social media marketing is that you as a Seller can participate and help to spread the word that your home is on the market!  

The big three, as I call them, are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  There are several others such as tumblr, instagram, pintrest and they can all help get the word out.

Similar to the other types of marketing, you want to use the links, QR codes and IVR phone numbers that will connect a potential Buyer to your Agent. The more people that get between an interested person and your agent decreases the chances of making a connection. 

Most large companies use social media to investigate potential employees and you should too. 

When you interview an Agent, go on the big three to see if they have A. a personal page/profile and B. a business page/profile.  See how often they post and what content they post. Are they marketing listings, do they market themselves.   Do they have any other pages that can be used to draw in interest? 

Selling your house is a numbers game and social media puts your house infront of an audience that may not be activly looking on the search sites, but can share your listing with some one they know. 

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