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Today I am introducing Houseline.

I decided to do it here, because I love this community and owe it the best of what I have to offer.

We created Houseline to equip real estate agents with the technology needed to compete, and to win, against the big real estate portals in the mobile marketplace.


Insanely powerful lead generation.

Before Houseline, reaching mobile home buyers came with hefty fees imposed by real estate portals.
Houseline changes everything.

Houseline opens a new world of possibilities by combining the lead generating power of a traditional IDX website with an agent-centric mobile app that your clients will love.

Plus, innovative new advertising technology significantly reduces the cost of generating new business: Pay Per App Install & Big Data Ad Targeting.

Pay Per App Install: spend your marketing dollars wisely by only paying for verified downloads of your IDX Mobile App.

Big Data Ad Targeting: let Houseline crunch the data and precisely target ads to qualified home buyers in your market.


Every app install becomes an open conversation between home buyer and agent.

For the first time, two-way property-specific communication between a home buyer and a real estate agent happens effortlessly within a mobile app.

How does it work? Every home buyer is automatically paired with an agent. Once that connection is made, the days of relentlessly hammering web leads becomes a thing of the past. With Houseline, agents now have a direct line to their prospects in the communication method customers increasingly prefer.


Become a Founding Member


As we are pre-launching Houseline, I wanted to make sure that I thought of the Active Rain Network first, since you were my first devotion.

The first 200 Active Rain Members will become Founding Members, and will pay $499 for a lifetime membership. 

You will be the pioneers of the new real estate revolution - this isn't being extended to anyone else outside of ActiveRain. 

The other reason we wanted to make this exclusive is because I truly believe we have some great thought-leaders in the bunch and we plan to seek the continued advice from our founding members to continuely help us to improve and evolve the network, just as you have done before, by being you. 

Once we officially launch Houseline in the late Fall, the price will be $99/month, for everyone else that joins the Houseline network. 

As an additional 'thank you', and in true ActiveRain fashion, let's have some fun with points.

If you have over 100,000 ActiveRain points, you can get a lifetime membership for $399.

500,000+ ActiveRain point members can get it for $299.

The ActiveRain elite, with over one million ActiveRain points, are eligible to buy it for just $199.








Click here to learn more about Houseline and to claim your lifetime membership.  


P.S. We have 100 first generation "Houseline Launch" tshirts to give away to anyone who writes a blog about Houseline. It can be good, bad or indifferent. (These are the super premium tshirts.)

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John Pusa
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Steven - This is very interesting concept on Jon's new idea ""

Sep 11, 2014 09:01 AM
Tim Ventura
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Love it!

Mar 26, 2021 12:47 AM