Honesty Is ALWAYS The Best Policy

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When it comes time for a client to decide on a real estate professional, folks understandably place a high priority on an agent’s honesty and trustworthiness.  In today’s market, clients understandably expect transparency and want an agent to be straightforward when it comes to their home buying or selling experience.

Studies show there is a strong demand for agents who will keep their clients completely comfortable and well informed.  Overall, these studies have concluded that the agent-client relationship was the most important factor in determining a client’s satisfaction.

Taking all of this into consideration, it is evident that consumers are more likely to hire you as a real estate professional if they trust you. When speaking with new clients, give upfront responses and tell it like it is.  Believe it or not, your clients will appreciate your honesty.

As proven in the 2013 National Association of REALTORS Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, authenticity is the key to a strong and reliable personal brand, and a strong personal brand is the gateway to highly successful lead generation that surpasses those who rely soley on their listings for leads.

After going through the whole home buying process, about nine in 10 buyers said they would probably recommend their straightforward, transparent, agent to others. It was also found that 98% of homebuyers surveyed view honesty and integrity a “very important” factor during the home buying process.

If you want to win leads and build your reputation, be honest, genuine and transparent with your clients and in your advertising.  Prospects and clients will feel absolutely comfortable with you as their agent and information source.
That honesty and straighforwardness is something The Matt & Molly Team is know for.  That recoginition did not come right away.  It took time and proving ourselves over and over again in order to dispell the precocieved notions clients had about real estate agents due to their experiences in the past.  You can too can move past the reputations of the agents before you. 

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Wow 98% is a huge number for honesty and integrity, thanks for sharing your blog.

Sep 12, 2014 12:37 AM