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Tomorrow is my last day House Hunters filming, and I must admit… I’m kind of ready to have it behind me.  I feel terrible saying this because I realize that this is a cool opportunity and should be a really FUN experience.  But, as I told Matt a little earlier - it feels like I’m having surgery tomorrow – or have to take the ACT or something…  I have this sort of built up anxiety (dread sounds too harsh), and I’m just ready to come home tomorrow, take a deep breath, and be done. 

I was able to put together my first two outfits from stuff that was already in my closet, but for my last day on camera; I wanted to try to actually abide by all the “what to wear on TV” suggestions. 

Two agents in my office have had a fair amount of TV time, and were both happy to share advice (NO, TO STRIPES!  Yes, to jewel tones.)  The House Hunters’ producer had sent us their wardrobe guidelines – which included a short list of approved logos:  Polo, Lacoste, and American Eagle.  (Any other logos would need to be covered by a piece of tape.)  The two page document advised against red or white, implied that most prints were a bad idea (including stripes), and also specified “no sleeveless tops”.   A Google search on “what to wear on tv” also nixed black… it sucks up too much light.

My closet is… first and foremost… black and white.  Stripes also dominate (black and white stripes in particular).  Then I have a nice collection of sleeveless, flowing, patterned shirts – perfect for layering… you know with a black or white sweater. 

So, on Saturday… Matt and I set out with the sole purpose of finding a shirt in navy blue (but not too dark), royal blue, green, teal, magenta, or purple.  Sounds easy, right?

Trying to keep an open mind… I tried on every blue, green, pink, purple, or teal shirt that I came across in my size.  Most of them looked like garbage bags hanging on me…  a few others were very short…  there were a lot of very odd necklines…  I felt like the people on What Not to Wear that are all mopey about trying on clothes, and then sit in their hotel rooms crying (kind of Blair Witch Project style) into a video camera they’re forced to use to document their emotions about their day of shopping. 

Poor Matt had to sit outside countless dressing rooms and give his assessment of each shirt – after describing which pants, shoes, and jewelry I would most likely wear with each… 

“The show isn’t about me,” I reminded myself aloud.  “Nobody cares what I wear.”   

“Only a handful of people are really going to be specifically looking at you,” Matt tried to reassure me.  “Me, your parents, our siblings… everybody else is just watching a show.”

“Whatever!” I snapped back at him.  “You know every Realtor in our area is going to be critiquing what I’m wearing, what I’m saying, how my hair looks…!!!”  Which is probably true… and it’s fine… I’d be doing the same thing if it was one of my fellow agents on there… 

After a while, I pretty much gave up – grabbed a sweater off a pile on the fitting room bench and called it a day. 

Also on the HGTV wardrobe guidelines, we were instructed (in bold font) not to alter our appearance in any significant way between filming.  We were supposed to look like we did in our audition tapes for the duration of the process.  (Which, silly, naïve me…. I wore black and white stripes in my audition tape!)  There is nothing like being told that you CAN’T cut your hair… to REALLY make you want to cut your hair!  So, I have an appointment on Wednesday to get my hair CHOPPED!   

I still have to tell you about “room tone” and “walking room tone” -  so stay tuned for another House Hunters blog or two.










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I'd like to read what happened next and what outfit did you choose after all this:) 

Dec 13, 2017 11:24 PM