SEO Resuscitation

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Anyone can have SEO, the question is do you have SEO that is living, breathing and healthy?  The almighty Google, and other search engines as well, all have one thing in common; they require you be active on the internet in more ways than one.  Everyday quick actions can immediately help rescue your website, bringing it back to life without calling 911.

5 quickest ways to avoid digital death today are:

1.      Content & Frequency – Like a good exercise program, ‘How often’ matters.  SEO is about content and updating it frequently to gain search engine traction. This is exercised in blogging, posting articles, videos and creating movement on your social media pages. No matter how big or small a business, this rule is consistent across the board to all.


2.      Blog – What, you don’t have a blog? Time and time again people don’t know how powerful a blog is in the quality of like of your SEO. The blog is such a powerful resource right at your fingertips; a consistent conduit of organic SEO for you. Blogging does not have to be difficult either. Break it down to these easy subjects of latest news, your industry topics, your professional tips and your company’s events. It’s all just news and articles that is relevant to your company and industry overall.


3.      Website Updating – You haven’t touched your blog since New Years 2013, and your ‘About’ page is peppered with employees who have left the company so long ago, you’ve  forgotten about them. This is SEO suicide at its best my friend. This blatant act of inactivity makes search engines turn their nose up and overlook your relatively now dead URL. Pump up the volume by updating this data and it will be cooing like a brand new baby soon enough.


4.      Sharing is Caring – You have a blog but you don’t have any ‘Share’ buttons.  Why should you care about sharing? These buttons allow people to share the information straight from the source, therefore leading people directly to you.  This is a backlink strategy that would makes a search engine sing and boosts your presence tremendously.


5.      Mobile Responsiveness – People are on the go and need information now! However, no matter how loyal they may be to your site, if it isn’t mobile responsive than they will move on quicker than the common cold. Everyone’s website needs to have the ability to downsize to fit the screen of their personal mobile device. I.E…the site needs to fit your cell phone so that it is easier for the user to navigate it, therefore keeping them on your site longer while on the go.



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