How to Declutter Before Showing Your Home

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ID-10036003You’ve listed your house and now you’ve got to get ready to show it off in pictures, tours and an open house. If your house is less than tidy, you need to do some serious house cleaning, an unclean house can be a deal breaker for prospective buyers. Don’t start panicking we’ve got some tips to help you tidy your house and prepare to move all at the same time.

Have you ever heard the saying clean like you’re going to move? Well that’s precisely what you’re going to do. Start with your paper waste, set aside papers to be shredded, this can include any bills, tax papers, receipts or anything else that has your personal information on it and is more than 7 years old. Go through your child’s art work and pick your favorites, try not to hold onto more than is necessary, and put them safely into a book, folder or place where you keep your keep sakes. Parents often feel guilty at the thought of throwing out their child’s master pieces, but you should recognize the pieces that are truly good from your child’s scribbles. Once you’ve recycled and shredded all the papers you no longer need your next step will be to get banker boxes to organize the papers you should keep. Mark these boxes by date so you’ll know which ones can be shredded year after year when the contents become more than 7 years old.

When you’re finished with the paper waste move onto your furniture and knick knacks. Kinck knacks can be candles and candle holders, flower vases to little porcelain statuettes. Go through your closets as well and pick old clothes and clothes that don’t fit anymore, afterward decide which items you would sell in a garage sale and set a date to hold a garage sale. With the money you make you can buy newer items for your new house.

When you’re going through these items in your house decide which items you still want on display and those you are willing to begin packing. Pick up some boxes and start packing away excess and unnecessary items, even your out-of-season clothes can be packed away until you move into your new home. Once you’ve sold and packed away all the items you don’t need out the next step is giving your house a good cleaning.

If you don’t have the time to do all of it on your own recruit family members to help and clean top to bottom. After ward if your house still feels like it needs a little more TLC, paint your living room and entry way a neutral color if you’ve got a personalized feel to your home. You want potential buyers to come in and visualize themselves and their things in your home. Some one who feels like they can see the potential of your home for themselves is more likely to either want to go through the house again, or give you an offer shortly after their visit.

It’a hard not to get attached to your home, after all you’ve put a lot of yourself into it, but once you’ve made the decision to sell you have to be prepared to distance your memories from your need to sell. If you can detach enough to make the necessary changes, you’ll sell you house faster and be able to move into the house of your dreams sooner.

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