How to Stage your Homes for Sale in St. Augustine

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You want top dollar for your home and staging it can play a major role in selling homes for sale in St. Augustine. To sell your home quickly it needs to stand apart from all of the other homes on the market. In order to stand out, your home should be staged to perfection. Here are six tips to inexpensively stage your homes for sale in St. Augustine:

Furniture Placement

The first tip is to place your furniture accordingly to make your rooms look larger. Stay away from pushing all of your furniture against the walls because it can make your space look smaller. Clear your hallways so your homebuyers can see your space, not your extra furniture. 

Depersonalize Your Space

The second tip is to depersonalize your space. This includes taking down family photos and any personal memoirs that are in your home. Homebuyers want to see what your home has to offer for them, not what memories you have made in their potential new home. 

Color Unity

The third tip is to unify the colors in your homes for sale in St. Augustine. By having one color-scheme that repeats itself, your home will appear larger and more structured. You can add color to rooms with decorative pillows, large candles or an extra throw blanket. 

Purpose for Each Room

The fourth tip is to find the original purpose for each room in your homes for sale in St. Augustine. After living in a home for a few years, it starts to change according to your lifestyle. Your family room could have turned into a play area for your toddler, extra bedrooms became storage spaces and an empty basement could have turned into a clutter area. Stage each room the way it should be used for your future homeowners. A little bit of paint and a couple new throw pillows can change the feel of a certain space. If you have a playroom in your home, buy a new board game and set it out so the homeowners can get a feel of how the room can be used. 

Pack Up Your Home

The fifth tip is to get packing in order to easily stage your home. Your home should not look old and lived in, it should look new and ready for homeowners to cozy up in. Any extra kids toys, books, holiday decorations and clutter should be packed away. This will help homeowners get a feel of your home without the extra distractions and you will have a head start on the packing process, too. 

Curb Appeal

The sixth tip for your homes for sale in St. Augustine is to add some curb appeal to your front yard. You may need to buy bright new flowers, buy a decorative wreath for the front door or touch up some outside panels with new paint, but it will be well worth it. Get homebuyers excited about seeing your home before they even walk in the front door by making the outside of home look welcoming and appealing. 

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