Filters - Not Just For your HVAC

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Whether you are buying, selling or living in a home filters are important. Obviously when you are living in your home, changing your filters is very important. It helps the air quality, saves on bills and allows your systems to work better with less of a drain. The same can be said for personal filters.

I am not talking about those that stand in the corner of a room and try to keep your air clean. I am talking about what people say and what they think they hear. You see most everybody has internal filters. Before you say something, most people will generally run it through their filters first and ask how does that sound before saying it. Sometimes these filters are only focused on themselves and you can hear things from people that you can't imagine why they said those words.

Of course you also have filters when you are listening. I think this happens more frequently as many people have taken what Abraham Lincoln said to heart - "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Think about when you are listening to a Realtor®. The Realtor says a house is worth between $250K and $260K. Which one did you hear?

If you are the seller you heard $260K but if you are the buyer you heard $250K. These types of miscommunications happen all the time. They can cause all sorts of problems. A deeper issue is when you project your filters onto others and what they are saying.

I know someone for a long time (more than 20 years.) They are not the most reputable person. We are involved in a transaction with a third party. This person hears and reads into things in such a negative and distrustful manner that doesn't make sense based on everything I am seeing. The reason for this is often people think of themselves in the same situation and then project themselves into that position and ask themselves what would they do? In this case you can see that because they would consider doing a not so above board transaction that so would everyone else. This is another filter distortion.

The point is to remember to not only change your air filters but also to refresh your own personal filters to make sure you are not sabotaging yourself or others because of bad filtering. If you start with distrust it takes a long time to overcome that first impression. If you start with trust it is much easier to allow someone to provide you wrong while providing them the benefit of the doubt. Remember we are all innocent until proven guilty.

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