How to Have a Good Relationship with Temecula CA Property Managers

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How to Have a Good Relationship with Temecula CA Property Managers


Constant positive communication between the best Temecula property management and renters is inevitable. Things like paying your rent, reporting repairs and asking questions about renovations are just some of the regular communication between property managers and tenants. To help you keep a good landlord-tenant or property manager-tenant relationship, read the basic tips below.

Having a good tenant and Temecula CA property manager relationship means good business.

1. Be truthful on your application and during your stay

Since you will probably go through a screening process, your application will serve as the landlord’s or property manager’s first impression of you. Don’t lie just to impress. This might cause conflict when after a few month’s, you can no longer pay rent.  During your stay, be honest about maintenance issues, possibilities of delayed rent, and all the other things that will affect your stay. Trust is the key in good relationships. Read our post on how to get a landlord to approve your application if you need some tips.


2. Clarify all expectations early

In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts in the future, be clear with the terms of the lease even before you sign them. Know the line between the responsibilities of the Temecula property management and yours. This will avoid unrealistic and unfair expectations. Before you sign, make sure you’ve walked through the home to carefully assess its condition.


3. Take care of your tenant responsibilities

Once you know what you need to do as a tenant, do your best to do them. This includes paying rent on time, making sure the Temecula CA homes for rent is well maintained, and advising the landlord or property manager when problems arise.


4. Being a little kinder, especially when asking

It is true that at the end of the day, no one regrets being a little kinder. When you are asking for repairs, considerations on rent payment communicate in good faith. Furthermore, put agreed upon repairs and maintenance in writing.  This will help you resist the urge to nag the landlord or the Temecula CA property manager whenever a repair is not immediately done. Show respect as you also earn respect.


5. Cooperate well on your exit

Your lease is bound to end one way or another. When this happens, be professional enough to understand that a new applicant might need to view your space even before your move out. If you are uncomfortable with this, try talking with the landlord so you know if adjustments can be made. Don’t be the stubborn, problematic tenants who just won’t cooperate even when he’s on the way out.


Fighting with your Temecula CA property manager or landlord will not get you anywhere. Follow these tips and strive to do your part in order to foster a good relationship with them.



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