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Have you hit 55 yet? Do you have a mortgage into retirement?

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc.,

When you mature you have family obligations weddings and University expenses.  You did your job.  Now look around and say;  How many rooms do I need to heat and light?


We need to do some serious planning and in doing so, I need to ask you some personal questions so that I can better help you.



  • Why did you buy your present home?
  • How many rooms in your house regularly do you use?
  • If your home was suddenly GONE! would you rebuild?
  • What are your TOP 5 retirement lifestyle goals?  Is a large family home one of them?
  • How long do you want your income to last?
In answering these questions and more; we can 


1) Connect with you to better understand your circumstances
2) Do research for your options
3) Communicate these solutions
4) WIFM?  I Write the business.
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Li Read
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Good questions, all.   Important to recognize the different timelines of our lives, and how needs change.

Sep 20, 2014 02:27 AM