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One ongoing trend we continue to see in luxury custom homes in Alpharetta / North Atlanta is the desire for homes with the highest level of quality and craftmanship, but smaller, more manageable footprints.  The primary demographic driving this trend seems to be empty nestor's who are now in a position where their kids are grown up and educated, and they now have the time and resources to focus on building their "dream home". 

They of course have the option in this volatile market of buying a discounted resale or new construction, but most of those who fit this profile know exactly what they want in their home, and they are at a point in their life where they do not want to compromise as this is the last (or one of the last) home(s) they intend to buy or build.  There are nice specs and resales available, but finding EXACTLY what you want is difficult, if not impossible with the spec / resale option.

Most in this demographic have earned their way in life through consistency and hard work, and they have substantive enough balance sheets so that whatever financing structure they utilize to build their home is conservative enough to fit into today's evolving mortgage market.  Their motivation is less about extracting every possible penny in value from a deeply discounted foreclosure, and more about enjoying this next phase of their lives in the home that fits all their wants and needs.

The most popular floor plan for this demographic is a top quality expansive ranch on acreage with a fully finished basement ranging from 3,800-4,800 square feet.  With few full time residents, the need for multiple flights of stairs and an abnundance of bedrooms is no more, so keeping the footprint in check allows this customer to build exactly what they want, with the highest quality finishes, for a reasonable value.

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Chris, good post about the empty nesters and their desire for a nice home that fits their needs perfectly.  I know that in Arizona, since I deal with many in that age, you are right on. Maybe showing some of your "work" would add interest to your post. ;-)


Apr 02, 2008 08:21 AM