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Sergio Szyrko - NMLS #274992

Sergio Szyrko is a Mortgage Broker in San Leandro, CA with iServe Residential Lending. Sergio Szyrko is one of the top producers in California. Most of Sergio's loans have been closed in Northern California. Sergio is fluent in Spanish and has been a big advocate for homeownership in the bay area.

On Inzopa, Sergio has completed 273 Mortgages.

- These mortgages ranged from $97,125 - $525,000.

- 233 of the loans were completed for single family residences (SFR).

- 7 of these mortgages were for retired clients.

- 26 of Sergio's mortgages was completed for self-employed clients. 

- 4 of Sergio's transactions were for vacation homes.

- 3 of Sergio's clients were veterans

Sergio has closed 25 loans for investment properties.

Sergio has helped 19 people get a jumbo loan

Sergio has helped 100 people secure an FHA Loan - 57 of those were single family homes

Sergio has helped 76 people refinance their properties.

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