Start with a Million (steps that is!)

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Did you know that for every hour of vigourous exercise you do, you can add two hours to your life?  Talk about a great return on your investment!  Furthermore, did you know that physical inactivity can double your risk of heart disease?

Interested in getting started on a new exercise routine?  I would encourage you to check out the American Heart Association's "Start with a Million" website.  It will allow you to map your walk, journal your exercise, and keep an online Nutrition Diary.  It will even send you a weekly summary of your progress.   Pretty cool!

The website was created for the AHA's "Start with a Million" National Start Walking Day.

The AHA states, "This year we are striving to get people in cities and towns across the country to take 1 million-plus steps and help us raise $1 million dollars online. Aetna and Del Monte foods are joining forces with national Start! sponsors, SUBWAY Restaurants, Healthy Choice and AstraZeneca to make this day a success by matching a portion of dollars raised this day."

You can chart your progress, learn more about the program, and keep track of your town's progress at

Be good to yourself! Put on those walking shoes and start movin'!

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