Bug: Apple iOS Mail app loses Gmail password?

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Bug in iOS mail client with gmail 

A bug in the Apple iOS Mail client app... and Gmail password security?

Apple Mail app on iOS (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch)
loses Gmail password setting, randomly, intermittently.

It's as if the Mail app "forgets" the imap password?
This is a Bug Report on an intermittently recurring iOS Mail bug that occurs on my iPad — every few weeks or so. Many others have reported this bug on their iPhones, iPads, and iPods, for over a year. (There are more than a few discussions on the Apple and the Google online boards.)
The iOS Mail client app fails, recurrently and intermittently, with Gmail. I am using Google two-step verification (2SV) and an ASP (application-specific password) with Apple iOS Mail — but MANY others have reported the same bug without using 2SV/ASP. 
I've seen it happen many times. This bug may never get fixed (because it's internittent and rare) but, in case it helps others, here are all the symptoms, workarounds, and test scenarios. 
• My Environment •
I have many email accounts setup on my Apple/Verizon 128 GB iPad Air — several ordinary Gmail accounts, several Google Apps (aka Google for Work) Gmail accounts, several Yahoo, one Hotmail, one AOL, and one .me/.iCloud account, and I use the option to fetch new mail hourly. The only inbox that has ever failed with the iOS Mail app is for my primary Gmail account. It fails every few weeks or so. I am able to send mail, but not receive new mail. Everything continues to work fine on the Gmail app, but not the iOS Mail app. This account is also the only account using Google two stage verification...
(Why so many email accounts, you ask? I am a business technology consultant, virtual assistant, technical trainer/coach, and I have set up Gmail and Google Apps for several of my clients. I monitor and we share all these accounts. In order to support and train my clients, I also maintain my own Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Apple .me/.iCloud, and AOL/AIM mail accounts.)
• Error Messages Seen on iOS 7 — but NOT iOS 8 •
From all the symptoms, and in my experience over the past year, I am convinced that the bug is in the Apple iOS Mail client app, not in Google security, or in the Gmail system itself. 
With iOS 7, every few weeks, I saw the error message:
— Cannot Get Mail.  The mail server “Imap.gmail.com” is not responding. Verify that you have entered the correct account info in Mail settings. —
Now, with iOS 8, there is NO error message, it just fails to retrieve any new mail — while the iOS Notes, Calendars, and Contacts apps continue to work properly with my primary Gmail account... Only the iOS Mail app fails... and only INCOMING mail fails — outgoing mail continues working fine on the iPad. 
• More Details on Symptoms and Workarounds •
Re-entering the password does NOT fix the problem. Creating a new ASV does NOT fix the problem. Only deleting the offending Gmail account, and re-entering the same account, with the same password, will fix the problem. Something is fishy in iOS! There are several more steps to re-create all my custom Gmail settings, to do every time I have to delete that account from my iPad. 
I've tried all the workarounds that other people suggested, there are a few dozen related message threads in Apple discussions, and in Gmail support. Here is what works for me. 
• My workaround for this bug in the iPad Mail app, to restore all Gmail functions •
Note: Google claims you don't need to save your ASP, but it is reusable, and due to this Apple iOS Mail bug, you may need to reuse it many times. So, it's best to save it in a safe place!
** Updated ** Step Zero Added ** See Comment # 1 below. ** 
0. SAVE any email drafts that have not yet been saved. An easy way to do this -- if you have TWO email accounts -- just change the FROM email address and SAVE the draft before you proceed. Check the Drafts on another device to see which ones really do need saving. SOME of your drafts may be already saved, some may not yet be saved on the GMAIL server. Any UNSAVED drafts will be deleted in step 2. 
1.  QUIT the iOS Mail app, also Contacts, also Calendars, and Notes apps. (Double-click the HOME button, swipe UP on each mini-app window.)
2.  Delete the offending Gmail account from the iPad. (Settings... Mail, Contacts, Calendars...)
3.  Power off and restart — then go to: Settings... Mail, Contacts, Calendars...
4.  ADD a new account, select Google (GMail) and re-input all the same old settings. 
5.  You may re-use the same Gmail application specific password for the iOS Mail app, or a new one, if you are using 2-step validation.
6.  Under Mail, Contacts, and Calendars; Also under Notes.
Set Default Account in four places: 
 . . .  Default account for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Notes.  
7. Notifications. Mail account. Badges off. (Optional.)
:: Check: Is the email sig still okay? Per account email signatures ok?  
:: Any other custom settings? 
• Additional Observations •
Whenever this iOS Mail client app bug happens, I can still SEND Gmail, but I cannot RECEIVE Gmail on my iPad. This bug repeats intermittently, every few weeks or so. At first, I thought iOS was corrupting my Gmail password. Maybe Google was re-setting my application-specific password? However, further tests show those are not the case, it's not that simple. 
Recently seen, on or about: 2014.05.12.  20140710.  20140829.  20140905.  20140921.  
Why is this here, in a blog? Since there is a character limit on submitting feedback to Apple, I've put all the nasty, gory details here. Also, this is the first ActiveRain blog post I have attempted to write on my iPad, 100% —:— wrote the drafts on the iPad Notes app, added the image in ActiveRain, and posted. Woo hoo! It almost worked. If you go back and edit, it reverts to the original, you cannot update an ActiveRain blog on an iPad, it seems... That's another issue! 
If this helps you, please comment and vote appropriately.
Send Apple your feedback if you have this problem:

Include the short URL for this blog?    http://actvra.in/4nLy

::: Meanwhile, want to use your own domain name with GMail?  
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George Fanucci
CoreFact.com - Los Altos, CA
Internet - Technology - Business - Solutions

One more thing. BEFORE you delete the Gmail account from your iPhone or iPad, make sure you take care of any email DRAFTS that have not yet been saved on the Gmail server. Check your drafts from a computer, and check your most recent drafts on the handheld device, so you can see which drafts have not yet been saved. If necessary, send them to yourself. Remember, sending still works, but receiving does not, and drafts are not being saved. You could also save your drafts in the Apple Notes app which has not been affected by this IMAP problem.

Oct 02, 2014 02:34 AM #1
George Fanucci
CoreFact.com - Los Altos, CA
Internet - Technology - Business - Solutions

Actually, since the iOS 8.1 update, it's become even worse. Before iOS 8 you would get an error message — imap mail server not responding, check your password — each time you tried to check your Gmail. No passwords changed, just something was internally corrupted in iOS. 

But now, ther is NO error message since the iOS 8.1 update. Each time you try to check your Gmail via the Apple Mail app, it simply stalls for 20 or 30 seconds, then nothing. Nada. No go. As if there were NO new mail since November 17th.

Now using Gmail app, bye bye to the Apple Mail app on iOS... 

Sorry Apple. You lose. The Apple Mail app is just too unreliable with Gmail.

Please fix this, because iOS users want the DEFAULT MAIL APP to work properly.

Nov 27, 2014 02:46 PM #2
Carl Gerrin

This is a confirmed long-term bug in the gmail imap service, which for some accounts disposes of login attempts and drops the tpc connection in an unceremonious way.

Oct 11, 2015 08:50 PM #3

I've been having this trouble regularly but it only started after I moved to Europe. Go figure! It just happened again so I thought I'd Google the issue. I guess I'll delete my account and add it back. Again!

Jan 26, 2016 07:11 PM #4

Sadly, this is still a problem on 3/4/18 on ios 11.2.6. It affects iphone and ipad. I have two gmail accounts. #JustSharing

Mar 04, 2018 07:17 AM #5
Neil Bhisma

Same issue arises in my device also. I am not able to reset my gmail Password. Thanks for sharing the proper method to resolve Apple iOS Mail app loses Gmail password issue. Those who are facing this same issue, i would like to suggest to follow this link:

Sep 16, 2018 10:06 PM #6
Adom Johnson

I am using the iPhone x for a long time. A few days ago it happens to me when I have visited the link that mentioned below and followed their instruction. you guys can also manage your problem with the help of link https://www.emailcustomercareservice.com/blog/fix-gmail-error-007/
Thank you!

Oct 24, 2018 05:37 AM #7
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George Fanucci

Internet - Technology - Business - Solutions
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