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What is client loyalty anyway? Loyalty can be measured in many different ways by a client or customer.  It can be measured by the level of service you are providing, the quality of any given product or even by the value that is attached to each service or product. Client Loyalty


Some people by nature take loyalty very seriously. Such as iphone lovers, some are loyal to a fault and will purchase each new version of the iphone, ipad, mac as they are unveiled. That Apple logo on the item is enough for them despite any "bugs" it may come with. Now that's UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! 


How can we as Realtors build this same type of loyalty with our exisiting clients? What value can we had to our business that will keep them coming back time and again? Not to mention referring their friends and family to us.


Here are a few ideas to consider:


  • Evaluate past clients experinces and decide how you can improve on them. Ask for feedback from your clients to find out what areas they feel you weren't quite stellar in. 
  • Create a strategy for client retention. Once you have closed the sale how will you keep them top of mind for the next time they want to buy or sell? Map out your course of action on keeping in touch. How often will you keep will it be, weekly, monthly?
  • What are the loyalty expectations of your clients and what will you provide in return for their commitment to you and your services?
  • What is your problem resolution process? Are you the type that loses your cool or are you able to sit down and think things through to come up with a resolution that will satisfy everyone involved?

Here is a wonderful article from Entrepreneur Magazine that gives 6 ways to build client/customer loyalty.


No matter how small your client base is now those are the ones you want to work on keeping. Consistently working on the clients you have can in turn create a snowball effect and bring you clients for years to come. 





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Janice MacMillan, Associate Broker

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Steve Kantor
Best Agent Business - Virtual Assistance

Thanks, Janice. In our business, client loyalty is everything. We set a goal to get a positive testimonial from every client within 100 days of service, and so far we've done it every year we've been in business since 2009.

Sep 24, 2014 11:45 PM