Metro Atlanta Home Buyers, What Happens Once You're Under Contract?

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Metro Atlanta Home Buyers, What Happens Once You're Under Contract?

Metro Atlanta home buyers, the search for a home can be exciting.  You have your financing in place, and you are trying to find that nearly perfect home.  You find your home in metro Atlanta, and we write the offer.  The offer gets accepted, and we are off to the races - so to speak.

The next steps to obtaining your metro Atlanta home are:

  • Submit your earnest money to the designated party in the Purchase and Sale Agreement.  This can be the listing broker, the selling broker, or the closing attorney.
  • Once all parties have signed the contract, the buyer, the seller, the buyer's lender and the closing attorney all need a copy of the fully executed contract.  The preference is a PDF file.
  • You need to arrange for inspection of your metro Atlanta property.  Our office will recommend quality inspectors to you.  It is important to hire an inspector that has either ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) or GAHI (Georgia Association of Home Inspectors).  Plan to spend about $300 to $400 for the home inspection.
  • Arrange for the order of the appraisal with your lender.  Most lenders now require payment upfront for appraisals, and the cost for an appraisal is approximately $400.  FHA and VA appraisals require an additional certification.  We will follow up with your lender on the progress of the appraisal.  The appraisal must be completed prior to your lender issuing a clearance to close the transaction.  And if the appraised value is different than the purchase price, we may have to further negotiate the deal.
  • Check with the closing attorney regarding the title search.  Your lender will request the closing attorney conduct the title search., and the title must come back clean with defects.  A defect might be a mechanic's lien on a property.  The lien has to be resolved before we can close.
  • After the above steps are complete and your lender is ready to close, we will work the lender to establish the date and time for closing.

Metro Atlanta home buyers, these steps are very basic and outline the process.  We provide our expert experience to help insure you cross the finish at the closing table.  Let us help you naviagte the process.  For assistance with your next metro Atlanta purchase, call our office at 404 907 1646.

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