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Real Estate Investing for Agents

I'm reading everywhere mixed reviews on the economy, it seems to be doing "better" than a few years ago, but those of us in the real estate industry may have a raised eyebrow to that claim. Have your sales dipped? Have you been left wondering if you TOO can create massive paychecks like other investors? In either case, real estate investing can be a tremendous augmentation to your current business.

In the Phoenix-metro market, we're waiting for first time home buyers and boomerang buyers to pick up where Investors left off to carry the flame of increasing values and high demand. Now that the foreclosure rates aren't as high, though, many Investors have left the market, leaving room for opportunity for others.


With that, I get a lot of feedback from Agents that see my posts on (among other leading online RE magazines) asking how to be an Investor AND an Agent. Why not take advantage of your market knowledge, access to MLS, and exposure to deals?  So, we're taking the leap going to show VIP agents how to bridge the gap. We're going to be hosting classes throughout the Valley (Phoenix, AZ) that talk about how to massively increase your knowledge and wealth through Real Estate an Agent.


Why? Because I know some of you out there, although you love your clients, are getting tired of constantly having to pound the pavement for leads, convert them, and hoping they close. If the market dips, perhaps so has your business. Even if it is a good income, if you stop what you're doing, so does the moo-la. Have you ever thought about investment properties for yourself? Or flipping your OWN houses? If you are one of those of you embrace the real estate flipper as a client, perhaps you've seen the bottom line on their HUD and think "That's 1/2 of what I made last year!!"

Yes, there are still people in the market creating active and passive income by buying, holding, fixing, flipping, or wholesaling properties. What's better, is there isn't as many investors to compete against now.


With that, maybe you're further along and have a team in place and enough time and funds on your hands to delve into another level of your real estate career, but lack the "knowledge muscle" or skill set to identify ideal investment properties. Better yet,  what it costs/takes to fix them up, or how to fund them.


One of the biggest things I get from people that are interested in real estate investing is that "There's no one to talk to after the seminar!" (or when the DVD is done playing, etc). Sure, you're fired up, rearing to go, have started your marketing, perhaps have even gotten leads....and have no idea what to do next. The agent/investors that you know are doing deals don't have time for your questions. The guru that came in town last month sold you a $5,000 course taught you a new technique...but isn't available to ask an questions about a deal (unless you sign up for their $10,000 upper level course). The online courses you signed up for just aren't cutting it to fill in the gap.



All that can change! Read below about the information for our Real Estate Investing Lunch N Learn classes being held around Metro-Phoenix, Arizona. We're excited to present this information for a new breed of agents, and hope to see you there.



Here's the details:




Are you frustrated by seeing others create massive  income through real  estate investing & keep  wondering how you can be a real estate investor too?  By tapping into buying & selling your own flips &rentals, you can double or triple your income! Whether you just got a license or are an established agent, come learn from two local industry pros how you too can become a Real Estate an agent. 




Real estate investorYou’ll learn:


· The asset value of having a license & being an agent


· How to learn from those who are actively investing in the Phoenix-metro market


· How to buy with little or no money down


·How to find properties … and much more

- Leave with FREE tools you can use in today's market to make money NOW!

- Lunch will be provided

- FREE event to attend, thanks to our sponsors!

This event is an opportunity to see if you have what it takes to be a Real Estate Investor, as an Agent! Thanks for taking the time to read this post; hope to see you there!

CLICK HERE for Real Estate Investing Lunch N Learn Information



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Posted by Tracy "Royce of Real Estate"

Tracy (G+) is a Distressed Property Expert, Investor, Rehabber, and pre-foreclosure extraordinaire specializing in the Phoenix-metro market. She also is an avid blogger, social media enthusiast, contributor to leading Real Estate Magazines, and coach to aspiring real estate investors. Let's connect on Facebook! 


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