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What’s the Deal with Listing Your Home?

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listing your homeAnyone seeking a service from another hopes that the company and/or person they choose can get the job done. As long as things turn out right everyone is happy. If things do not turn out right, well, you know…Stuff can hit the fan. Hiring an agent when listing your home for sale can be challenging. Take the following metaphor, for example…If you have ever played blackjack at a casino this scenario should resonate with you. If you have not, follow along. The picture will take shape.

You sit down at a blackjack table with 5 other strangers. Behind the table is the dealer. You and the other players place your bets. The cards are dealt and the dealer breaks (loses) .That means you and all the other players win. The dealer continues to break for the next five hands and everyone at the card table is euphoric. You start tipping the dealer, high fiving the strangers at the table and stacking your chips. The dealer continues to shuffle and deal out winning cards. You are happy and so is the dealer. The dealer is happy to see you win and you keep tipping him/her. All is well with the world.

All of a sudden, things change. You and the other players start to lose. The dealer is getting better cards and the house is taking your money, No pun intended. The tips you were so eager to give the dealer when you were winning have stopped and so do the high fives with the strangers. What happened?

You continue to lose and the other players who remain at the table start asking the dealer’s boss to replace him/her with someone new. It must be the dealers fault! Instead of simply understanding that blackjack is a game of chance and the dealer has nothing to do with the outcome, you call for them to be replaced. Talk about a fair weather friendship. It seems to be our nature to look for fault. In this case it has become the dealer.

So how does this relate to the Realtor® you may choose to sell your home? When you first sit with a real estate agent to discuss selling your home things may sound great. The agent is going to do this and that to sell your home and all is well. You decide to sit at the table and let the Realtor® deal.

The agent does what they stated but the home is just not getting any showings. Without showings the home will be hard to sell. You decide to lower the price and see if that will help attract some customers. It does but no one makes an offer. You are now into month 3 or 4 and things are not so rosy with the real estate agent. That fair weather friendship is getting stormy.

You speak to your agent and ask why no one will make an offer. You start to wonder if your choice of Realtor® was a wise one. Especially when you start giving the agent ideas on how to market your home. You are getting nowhere and are stuck at a losing table, or so it seems.

The dealer has no control on the outcome of a game of chance. The real estate agent has no control over the economy. What you hope your agent has is an understanding of the value of homes and properties in the area where your home is located, a defined business plan to market your home to prospective buyers and that he is able to not just find a buyer but competently facilitate the transaction so you eventually have a sold home, blackjack!

You, the home seller are responsible for who you hire as your agent. If it is not working out then either there was no real home selling plan to begin with or one of you did not follow the plan, if any.

Just because a Realtor® has a license to sell real estate and/or works for a large name brand company does not mean they are the right selection for you. Blackjack players have no say in who deals them the cards but home sellers have a say in who their real estate agent is. If you own a company you will likely entertain several candidates for a job opening. It is still hard for me to understand why home sellers interview only one agent and hire them for 6 months. Few businesses would ever consider doing this.

I offer 30 day listing contracts to everyone who hires me to market their home. This gives you, the home seller, time to evaluate my marketing skills and business plan (trial period). If I cannot deliver the service and facilitate a sale on your home you can simply call for a new dealer. It is the best deal going.

Selling your home is NOT a game of chance. Visit my website at JeffreyHogueRealtor.com for a list of questions to ask your Realtor® candidate during the interview process.

Jeffrey C. Hogue

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Jane Peters
Home Jane Realty - Los Angeles, CA
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Hiring the right Realtor is extremely important, but it could easily be the first one if they meet all the criteria. Just make shure you choose right.

Oct 02, 2014 06:09 AM