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Note:  I wrote this blog several weeks ago, before the tragic death of Beverly Carter,  a Little Rock Arkansas Real Estate Agent.  Our team at Home Matters  would like to extend our deepest sympathies to Beverly's family and friends and dedicate this post to her memory.  This is a reminder to our Realtor partners and their clients as well as our Home Staging colleagues  to please practice safety first, Always.


Though stagers do not often talk about it, another reason it is important to depersonalize your space while you show your home is for your own safety. When you leave your prized possessions out for everyone to see, remember you may also be inviting trouble later on. I would like to tell you that I have never heard of a robbery happening after an open house, an agent never being attacked by butcher block knives or any other horror stories too awful to mention, but I have. While they are a rare occurrence to be sure they are also a powerful reminder to be safe rather than sorry.













As a professional home stager, it is my job to turn your home into a house on the market. You are advertising your space, not your stuff and it is important to me to make sure that jewelry is put away, valuables are out of site, and that photos or personalized items of your children are concealed. Remember that most homebuyers begin their search via the Internet and while the more pictures; the merrier…why make you a target? People who visit your home already have access to your school district and other information that can cause you and your loved ones undo grief, why make a predator’s job any easier.


On top of the obvious dangers, why leave important pieces out that can easily be damaged or destroyed during a walk through? I know plenty of homeowners who are chagrinned at the thought of putting away their precious Faberge eggs and other treasured possessions, but safety and security have to be a high priority when selling.


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