Austin City Limits Music Festival: Our Tips for a Fun Weekend

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Austin City Limits Music Festival: Our Tips for a Fun Weekend.

It's with great anticipation that we look forward to the 1st weekend of the 12th Annual Austin City Limits Music Festival. With over 130 artists from around the world, 75,000 festival goers, great food, shopping and activities throughout the weekend, this is truly the event experience of the year.  

Now if you aren't a fan of scoping out the latest and greatest music by pushing your way through large crowds in the sweltering sun, we get it, sort of, and our advice would be to enjoy the A/C at home and steer clear of the Barton Springs/Lamar area starting Friday morning- Sunday night. If, however, you can't wait to don your festival pants, strap on your fanny pack, fight your way to the front of the Mighty Cone line and bump to the beats of some amazing new artists,The Gentry Group has a few tips for you that we've learned over the many years in attendance. We think they might make your event experience a little better, so read on.

1. Ride a bike. If you're close enough to ride a bike from home, you can get right up to the festival entrance, no 3 mile walk required. You could even drive to the nearest parking area, unload your bike, and boom, there you are again, right at the festival entrance. Easy In/Easy Out.

2. Travel Light. Bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, a water bottle (which you can refill for free at the event) in a very small bag that can stay comfortably strapped on your back. Leave the chairs, blankets and change of clothes at home. This way you can dance and move through the crowd without having to move your entire camp every time you hear a new band playing that you want to check out. And hey, you can make friends with the people that have the blankets and chairs by bringing them an ice cold beverage and you'll still have a place to rest your weary legs, if you dare stop dancing.

3. Be Flexible/ No Whining. Let's face it, the hot sun and the crowds can soon take their toll, but just remember the sun will set, a breeze will blow in and you'll discover some incredible new music, if you can just relax and go with the flow. Make plans to see your favorite bands, but keep your schedule open enough that you can drop in on some new music, meet up with old friends and maybe even take a midday nap under the shade of an oak tree, to recharge for the headlining show. 

However you do ACL, we hope to see you down there, with a smile on your face!


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