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I caught myself explaining, or was it telling,,, one of the Snow Birds, that was leaving Sunny FLorida  soon, that I will be missing them after they were gone!

And, I warned them to be careful up there,,, besides the Cold that they are flying away to,

I told them that they may have to worry about

 The Moose when

they drive away form the airport once they arrived back North,

to New York and New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Northern Pennsylvania...

Toronto, Ottawa, Canada, Nova Scotia, etc!


I have not heard of any Moose Accidents here in Florida!

Specifically in Palm Beach County, or Martin County, Saint Lucie or Broward Counties.

I did hear about a Moose Lodge Accident down in Broward County,,, Can I mention all the lies and talk of unabashed,,,, ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is a PG Posting!

Do WE have Ice issues here!

The Ice issues are about the following:

1) Do we have enough Ice for the Cuba Libres, Iced Tea, or Long Island Iced Tea, the Dr Peppers and Cokes or Pepsies, the Pina Coladas, the Rum Runners, the Margaritas (Margarita Ville), and Hurricanes,,, etc,

2) can you afford the Ice you need when you propose to your Sweetie

3) you can't out run the POL ice Radios! (especially here in Jupiter, Juno Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Tequesta, Florida)

We also have Alligators and Crocodiles,,, But so does the North!

Watch out for the Guys wearing the Crocodile shirt,,, or is that the Alligator Shirt,,,

Oh yes, the Sharks up North are Fierce!

Especially when you are the Only Bait In Town! (I was just singing that tune in my head,,, Thanks to Jimmy Buffet)

Hey Jimmy Buffet, I would like to meet you! I Like your music!  I have been a fan since 1975,,, Stationed in Bermuda, US Navy!

I would like to find you your next home too,,,

Take my Wife,,,, Please,,,

If you would like to find some Great Deals, here in Sunny Florida, err, Paradise, be sure to click on the following URL's,,,, Links,,, umm, heck into my Web Sites below!

Thank you, Thank you, Y'all drive careful now!


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