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HI all!  I joined this group as a partner of a commercial real estate firm, but I have also been running my own mortgage company called Teacher's Funding Group for the last 5 years.  We do mortgage primarily in Colorado, but have the ability to do loans in: 
  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

We would especially welcome referrals for teachers.  We give teachers special discounts, and donate money back to their schools for every loan we do.  I look forward to working with you all!

 Jeff Tompkins, President



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Eddy Martinez
Nationwide Funding Group - Highland Park, CA

Jeff sounds good can you elaborte on how you are able to give teachers special discounts?

THe fact that you and your company donate back to the schools is great


Mar 03, 2007 05:09 PM
Jeff Tompkins
Communitas Realty Partners - Thornton, CO
We do a flat $700 origination fee to save them money, with no junk fees, free credit report, etc.  Then at closing we donate $200 to their school, school group, whatever they want. 
Mar 04, 2007 01:09 AM
Eddy Martinez
Nationwide Funding Group - Highland Park, CA

Good stuff Jeff, yes i stay away from Junk fees as well. Its not fair for the borrower to pay for something that they shouldnt have to.


Mar 08, 2007 06:12 AM
Walter Tang
Guaranteed Rate, NMLS #2611 - Los Altos, CA
VP of Mortgage Lending
Wonderful program! Teachers deserve it for all the things they do for kids
Mar 08, 2007 01:57 PM
Eddy Martinez
Nationwide Funding Group - Highland Park, CA

Teachers are one of the most underpaid and over-important professions in the United States


Mar 15, 2007 07:40 AM
Jeff Tompkins
Communitas Realty Partners - Thornton, CO
Ben, we do some, definately a lot of 100% financing as teacher's rarely have enough for a down payment.  Luckily though, most have better than average credit, so 100% financing isnt as hard to obtain. 
Mar 21, 2007 02:28 AM
Andrew Campbell
ASAP Mortgage - Madison, WI
Sounds good to me, do you have any other info about this?  thanks
Apr 11, 2007 02:30 AM
Jeff Tompkins
Communitas Realty Partners - Thornton, CO
Andrew, not sure what you are looking for?  I own the company, based in Colorado (we do out of state loans through another company).
Apr 11, 2007 09:22 AM
John Thomas
Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. - Newark, DE
First Time Home Buyer Expert

So what are you doing now that My Community requires 680 credit score and can't get 100% anymore?  Are you using FHA now instead of My Community Programs?  I like the idea of giving back $200 as donation to the school.

John Thomas - Certified Mortgage Planner

May 05, 2008 10:55 AM
Jeff Tompkins
Communitas Realty Partners - Thornton, CO
Well John, like most other brokers, the pool of homebuyers has shrunk now that 100% financing has gone extinct.  Most counties in CO for example now require at least 8% down, unless of course you are doing FHA.  I have seen a huge increase in FHA originations, and I hear the same from lenders we work with.  And in general, teachers (and other borrowers) are having to wait a little longer, save for a downpayment, etc.
May 06, 2008 03:50 AM
Teresa Tims
TDR Mortgage & Real Estate Group - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Teresa Tims

Awesome Jeff :)

Sep 04, 2013 03:31 AM