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Rocklin Listing Agents - Communicate Often!

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Rocklin Listing Agents - Communicate Often!  Rocklin Listing Agents - Communicate Often

I've been selling homes in Rocklin for 15 years, so I get it!  Sometimes as a listing agent, you don't have much to say to your sellers.  There is not always an update to give or maybe there is BAD news to give, and THAT'S uncomfortable, or you are hoping it works itself out, so you avoid communication for awhile.  Listen up Rocklin real estate agents, YOUR SELLER WANTS TO KNOW.  Whatever it is, or even if there's not much to say, they want to hear from you, hear your professional opinion, and get a plan together. If there are NO offers or SLOW showings, they want you to check in anyway.

Sometimes I phrase it like this: "I'm like a doctor, sometimes I'm going to tell you things that you don't want to hear."  That's part of the job and part of being a trusted real estate agent.  This is WHY your clients choose you: to be their representative, gather up all the information you can, and share it with them ASAP.  This is especially true if there is a buyer's market where sellers are not in as much control.  They need to you to communicate with them every couple of days at least.   

As a Rocklin listing agent, if you do not have good communication with your sellers, don't be surprised if they cancel the listing and go with another agent.  Don't forget that it isn't usually investors you are working for, it is homeowners that are going through an often stressful time and need you to help them plan their next moves.  Communicate regularly!

Rocklin Listing Agents - Communicate Often!

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