Art Walks - Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, Long Beach

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Art Walks - Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, Long Beach 

Artwalk pottery


Art Walks have become a great reason for unplugging one’s self from all things electronic and strolling, shopping and experiencing art at your own pace and best of all.... it’s FREE! 

Artists, art lovers and galleries in cities and towns across the nation are sponsoring similar events.  Why not get out and see for yourself.  


Here are just a few events in major California cities to help get you started.


         Sacramento Art Walk –  (Second Saturdays) Saturday, October 11th, 2014



           San Francisco(First Thursday) called First Thursday Art 



          Long Beach Art Walk (Second Saturdays) Coming up October 11th 



           Oakland Art Murmur (Every Saturday 1-5pm/3rd Saturday Walking Tours) called                                                                                           Saturday Stroll



California Art walk events


If you don’t need or want to buy anything that’s OK because it is a great way to show the exhibitors that you appreciate seeing what they do and show support.   Museum tours, lectures, hands-on fun for kids, art contests, open galleries, artists receptions and all sorts of various events occur in conjunction with art walks. Even if you aren't into "art", you are likely to enjoy the experience more than you thought. 


Google your town and the term 'art walk' to learn more about similar events in your area.  




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