Top Remodeling Projects for your Homes for Sale in St. Augustine

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Before selling your homes for sale in St. Augustine, consider remodeling your home in order to get the most value as possible. Renovations don’t have to break the bank or be very labor intensive. Simple changes in your home can make a large difference to prospective home buyers interested in your home. In the 2014 Remodeling magazine, the cost versus value ratio report stated it has increased five points since last year. It also stated that eight remodeling projects out of ten, for return on investment, are with changes for outside of your home.  The cost versus value ratio is based on your resale value combined with the money you put into your home as for remodeling. Here are four of the top remodeling projects worth both your time and money. 

The first on the list for remodeling that has the largest return is replacing your front door. This is a quick way to increase the value of your home in one step. By buying a new front door, you can get a 90 percent return on this investment. If your budget doesn’t have room for a new door, re-paint your front door with high-quality paint. The second on the list is, if you have the space in your backyard, to install a wooden deck. This area will add to the square footage of your homes for sale in St. Augustine, as well as adding another perk for prospective home buyers. Adding a deck will give you an 87 percent return on your investment. A wooden deck will also be another selling point. 

The third project on the list that will get you a large return, for not a lot of money, is to replace your garage door. If your garage door needs replacing and isn’t adding to your home, this may be a good remodeling project for your homes for sale in St. Augustine. The fourth remodeling project that will get you the most on your return is remodeling an extra bedroom or attic. This will get you at 84 percent return. If you have an extra room that is simply taking up space, make a reason for it and let home buyers see what it can offer them. You can turn the room into an office, a playroom or just an extra bedroom for guests. This is another inexpensive way to update and remodel your home. 

Other remodeling ideas for your homes for sale in St. Augustine are replacements of any kind. If you have older model kitchen appliances, replacing the stove and dishwasher can give your kitchen a fresh look. If your bathrooms need a modern update, try replacing the sink and shower head to stainless steel. Small, inexpensive changes can make a big difference for the overall feel of your homes for sale in St. Augustine.