Gator Warning on the Hillsboro Canal in Brook Haven in Boca Del Mar

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Yesterday, I was upstairs in my townhome in Brook Haven of Boca Raton and my dog started barking at something outside.  He has great eyesight and actually could see something swimming in the Canal.  I looked out of the window in my master bathroom and saw a big black swimmer in the canal just east of the G56 dam behind the house.  He must have gotten sucked under the lock since it's open for flood control now.

I would say this guy is about 8 feet long and trying to find his way back to the fresh water side of the dam.  Good luck.  We have high banks on the salt water side and really no way for a big aligator to climb up.  I'll tell you what though.  I will be walking Larry on a short leash at night just in case. 

If you see this guy, let me know.  I'm considering calling Fish and Wildlife to see about getting him removed so there is no danger to other dogs in the neighborhood.

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