Why Hire a Real Estate Professional?

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Why Hire a Real Estate Professional?  

October 7, 2014 by Misty D. Marmolejo


PAPERWORK - Reduced Buyer & Seller Liability

·        Today’s real estate environment is “highly” regulated. A real estate agent can help with all the paperwork and disclosures that are necessary and required

EXPERIENCE - Huge Benefit

·        Real estate professionals are educated and experienced about the entire sales process

NEGOTIATIONS - Helps to make or save money on the transaction

·        Negotiating real estate transaction can be tricky to someone without the property training and experience.  As a result, a transaction could lose out on thousands of dollars if not handled properly.

PRICING - Requires a good understanding of the local market

·        Pricing is so important in today’s real estate market. Real estate professionals help buyers and sellers understand the true value of real estate. Pricing is so important when establishing the price on an offer to purchase or listing a home.


·        There is a wealth of information available today regarding the housing market; however some of that information can conflict directly with other pieces of information. A real estate professional can effectively explain today’s real estate news and explain in simple terms as to what they mean to you.


October 7, 2014 by Misty D. Marmolejo Owner, and REALTOR® Red Label Realty www.RedLabelRealty.com 512.529.4883





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