Mortgage Bailout - Here it comes?

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New Orleans Real Estate - Government Announces Mortgage Bailout Bills

According to CNN, the Senate has announced that it will bring a housing package to the floor as soon as this morning. The exact specifics of the package have not been completely revealed but the focus is incredibly clear…help out the nearly 1.5 million homeowners with sub-prime mortgages that will reset to higher interest rates this year.

Once the bills are passed I will discuss each one in depth, but right now I wanted to pose a few questions. First of all, is it the Government’s (ultimately tax-payers) responsibility to bail out individuals that have made poor financial decisions? In the same vein, is it the tax-payers responsibility to bail out businesses such as Bear Sterns? Is the Government acting in the Country’s best interests or their own as it is an election year? What, if any, action do you think that the government should take.

How does this affect New Orleans real estate? Well, we need to see what the actual package is made up of.  Stay tuned for future posts regarding the specifics of the mortgage bailout. 

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