Have you ever been locked out?

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc.,

It was a dark and stormy night....


You locked your keys in the car. You are holding all your purchases.  It's raining. You called someone to open the car door.  Rescue Me!


You find a service that will do a late night call out to your location; it will take an hour to get there and find you.  ....You wait impatiently.


They showed up and fix your problem.  Why are you NOW pissed that their job was completed in just 10 minutes and they want $150 just for showing up?


How is the speed of the job related to value?


Often in real estate, when people are selling their Toronto homes [we are firmly in a Seller's Market] I meet with the Vendor's to discuss Selling, Staging, Presentation, Photography and the newest Digital Phenom; Video Marketing.


You have painted, staged, cleaned and dome everything. The landscaping is perfect. The Listing is posted with a complete Video About your community and home.


Then the sign goes up.


A bevy of people stomp through the property. They open every cupboard door. PEER into every closet and corner  We are holding offers for seven days.   The Kids are crated and SHIPPED off to granny's house for a week.

Offer night arrives and there are 3 interested parties, panting to Pitch their Clients as new owners.  I ask you to be patient as we interview each agent and ask?   Are they qualified to Buy? Have they been approved for a mortgage?  How Many homes have you seen?  Is this their final and best offer?


In reality everything comes down to Capacity, Ability and Intent to close on the transaction. Do we need to add Seller's Insurance?


Thats why we explain everything at the beginning of our relationship.



David Pylyp

647 218 2414


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