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Welcome to Oregon When I first moved up to Oregon from California, I did a marathon driving day with my tiny car stuffed full, cds from my high school days blasting Spice Girls and Britney, and my amazing father driving behind me, towing an 18-foot horse trailer, packed tight with all the ikea furniture a recent college grad can hope to accumulate over the years.


Trying to be a nice member of the caravan, I cruised at a safe "towing speed" of 55-mph to stay close to my dad, who leagally had to drive that speed due to his trailer.  (Have I mentioned how amazing he is for helping me move?).  Traveling at such a slow safe speed, made for a long day and a late arrival once we finally made it to my new home.  


When we arrived, the rental office was closed, but my the property manager had been nice enough to hide a key for me to gain entry to my new apartment. Having moved from another state, I had never met my property manager in person but we had spoken on the phone and exchanged emails numerous times.  The whole process was a little impersonal but I was excited to move into my first post-grad apartment.    


What made my experience with this particular property manager go from mediocre to extraordinary was a simple welcome note that was left on my kitchen counter.  My property manager had left me a handwritten note welcoming me to the community and into my new place.  She also included a coupon to a local pizza place with their phone number, saying, “I know you had a long day and this place has the best pizza in town.” 


It was such a simple gesture, and one that has made a lasting impression on me.  And yes, pizza was exactly what I wanted after a long day of moving and driving!  I was so touched by her thoughtfulness, I returned the gesture with a thank you card and a Starbucks gift card when I went to meet her in person the next day.  


I have lived in rentals before and after this experience and I have never received such a warm welcome. It was totally free to the property manager, but the sincerity is what really made a positive impression on me and blossomed into a great tenant, property manager relationship.  I did eventually move out of this apartment but I will always highly recommend this property management company to fellow renters.  


After doing a little bit of research into what other property managers have experienced with welcome packages, I was amazed by the overwhelmingly positive information I found.  It seems like putting together a Tenant Welcome Packages is something a handful of thoughtful property managers do.    


The best part is, they do not have to break the bank, and you can easily make different Tenant Welcome Packages fit within any budget.  


Here are some of my favorite ideas


Free Ideas

  • A personalized, handwritten note welcoming your new tenant to the property and neighborhood.
  • If they are new to town, like I was, including restaurant recommendations and a map to the closest grocery store, laundromat, and hospital.  
  • Coupons to local restaurants and stores.  A lot of towns send out direct mail coupon packs for free. Try contacting the provider directly to see if you can keep a stash of them to give out to new tenants. You could also establish a relationship with your favorite restaurants to see if they will create a custom coupon just for you and your new tenants.  In my experience in the food industry, most restaurants (maybe not super expensive ones) will be on board with this idea, as they want to get new customer in the door and make them regulars.


$5-$10 Ideas

  • A small bouquet of flowers, usually under $5 from a grocery store, in a dollar store vase left on the counter with your handwritten note -What a great way to welcome new tenants and make their new place feel homey!
  • Toilet paper - everyone can apperciate this one 
  • Cleaning Kit: a small bucket with sponges, glass cleaner, bleach, paper towels.  You can find all these items at the $1 store and don’t need to break the bank.  I love this idea because it sets the tone for wanting to keep your rental clean.
  • Bottled water or soda pop in the fridge
  • Gift card to a local coffee shop

$15-$25 Ideas

  • Gift card to a grocery store
  • Gift certificate to a local restaurant
  • A bottle of wine or champagne-moving into a new place is a celebration after all!
  • Gift card to a home improvement store or the local hardware store, they will most likely use it to make improvements to the property.


Have you had positive experiences with Tenant Welcome Packages?  

What are some of the items you like to include in your Tenant Welcome Package?  

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Comments (24)

Evelyn Johnston
Friends & Neighbors Real Estate - Elkhart, IN
The People You Know, Like and Trust!

I haven't lived in that many rentals during my lifetime, but the thoughtfullness of a Landlord who leaves something would really stand out.  I like that idea!

Oct 09, 2014 01:32 PM
Tamir Ness
Ness Property Management Group - Brickell, FL
Love It, Breath It, Live It!

Great ideas! Happy tenants means less vacancy.

Oct 09, 2014 01:52 PM
Praful Thakkar
LAER Realty Partners - Andover, MA
Andover, MA: Andover Luxury Homes For Sale

Kaycee Wegener - welcome to ActiveRain - congrats on featured post.

Yes, it makes all the difference - just by small gesture of consideration.

Oct 09, 2014 03:21 PM
Laura Cerrano
Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island - Locust Valley, NY
Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher

People must really care in some aspect to do anything well whether owner or renters. Both have a part to play equally I think.

Oct 09, 2014 03:58 PM
Mark Don McInnes, Sandpoint-Idaho
Sandpoint Realty LLC - Sandpoint, ID
North Idaho Real Estate - 208-255.6227

I have got caught up in the RE side and forgot about tenant side. Thanks for the reminder. Welcome to AR. Mark

Oct 09, 2014 07:37 PM
Richard Robibero, e-Pro, ABR, SRS
Panorama R.E. Limited - Toronto, ON
Selling Your Home as if it were My Own!

I'm a landlord. I'm stealing some of these ideas. Hope you dont mind.

Oct 09, 2014 09:49 PM
Tom Bailey
Margaret Rudd & Associates Inc. - Oak Island, NC

Interesting post. In the southeast a welcome package is an urban thing. I have never seen a welcome package in the rural south. In fact more often than not I see property managers who act like they are doing tenants a favor to rent to them

Oct 09, 2014 10:10 PM
Carolyn D
Bristow, VA

I love that and I was just searching AR for blogs about Rentals. Establishing that relationship up is so important. I love the hand-written note, local map, and coupon idea. Along with TP - super important!! 

Oct 09, 2014 10:33 PM
Richie Alan Naggar
people first...then business Ran Right Realty - Riverside, CA
agent & author

I have to agree with Kathleen Daniels and emphasize...the small and insignificant make the memories..My kids over the years have shared little stories that they remember growing up...The concept applies in all things

Oct 09, 2014 11:01 PM
Suzanne Otto
Six Twenty Designs - Lansdale, PA
Your Montgomery County PA home stager

In all of my apartments I got a welcome package with menu's and coupons. No hand written note, but that's okay. It's great when you find a landlord like that. 

Oct 09, 2014 11:13 PM
Than Maynard
Coldwell Banker Heart of Oklahoma - Purcell, OK
Broker - Licensed to List & Sell - 405-990-8862

Never thought of doing it, but I have never not met a tenant in person before renting to them.

Oct 10, 2014 12:07 AM
Jayne Esposito
Coldwell Banker - Morgan Hill, CA

I have lived in dozens of rentals since I first left home after college.  I never had a landlord or property manager do that, but when I bought a house in Idaho and moved there from NY, our realtor's wife (ok, so they were personal friends too) filled our fridge with essentials and left a gift basket of snacks.  What a relief it was, after driving across the country, to not have to run out to the store!!

Oct 10, 2014 12:28 AM
Kaycee Wegener
Rentec Direct - Grants Pass, OR

It's great to hear such a postive response from everyone.  Like I said before, even the smallest of gestures can go a long way.  

Being a hostest at heart, I can only imagine how overboard I would go with my own tenants in putting together a Tenant Welcome Package (at least in the beginning  ).  

Oct 10, 2014 03:35 AM
Kevin Mackessy
Blue Olive Properties, LLC - Highlands Ranch, CO
Dedicated. Qualified. Local.

Toilet paper is a great gift for someone just moving in or moving from out of state.  It can be something that is packed away that you were planning on going out to buy anyway, but if there's an emergency it's right there. 

Oct 10, 2014 03:49 AM
Alyson Engelbrecht
Bellevue, WA

What a great suggestion.  I have a new tennant coming into my rental at the end of this month.  I'm totally going to do this!  Thanks for the idea.

Oct 10, 2014 07:04 AM
David Rod
Scottsdale, AZ
Over 6,000 homes sold in 27 years!

Although we don't do rentals, these are great ideas for when we get some of our buyer clients into a new home! The ideas you gave make for great home-warming gifts. Thanks! 

Oct 10, 2014 08:31 AM
Kaycee Wegener
Rentec Direct - Grants Pass, OR

Kevin Mackessy I agree, it would be easy to forget where you packed away the TP when you've been moving, which can be dangerous if there was an emergency.

Plus leaving some for your new tenant, with a funny note could totally bring a smile to their face!  

Oct 14, 2014 02:58 AM
Kaycee Wegener
Rentec Direct - Grants Pass, OR

Good luck with your new tenant Alyson Engelbrecht , let me know how it works out! 

Oct 14, 2014 02:59 AM
Kaycee Wegener
Rentec Direct - Grants Pass, OR

Jayne Esposito that was so thoughtful of your realots wife to stock your fridge-that is truly going above and beyond!  


David Rod these ideas can totally work for welcoming a new buyer into their home (just like Janye's realor did!).  Let me know if you have any future success with a new Buyer Welcome Package! 

Oct 14, 2014 03:01 AM
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