Sping time Blahs!

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Living in South Dakota can have its ups and downs. At times it feels like you are riding a roller coaster when it comes to the weather. One day will be sunny, not a colud in the sky, 75 degrees and then the next day it is snowing 8 inches and 30 degrees. That is sping time in our great state. One of the bright spots to spring is the housing market! Spring not only is the sign of new life when it comes to nature, but new life to the home sales market as well. Generally speaking, spring home sales burst through the dormant soil around March and will carry through May and June when the summer months begin to blossom. If you have been in the market of buying a new home and have been discouraged becasue of the quality of inventory, there is hope, Spring is here and new listings are right around the corner, that is if it ever stops snowing!

 Janey Johnson



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