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It is time to sell your property, but you don't live in the home. How do you choose the right Realtor® to help you get the job done?
Over the years, I have carved out a niche for myself assisting Sellers, who do not live in their Real Estate Handshakehome, to get their property sold.
There are many reasons why a home could be vacant before going on the market. A seller may have moved to a new or second home, there may have been a death in the family, the family may have intentionally moved out to make showing easier, it may have been a rental that is now for sale or the seller may be traveling for an extended period of time.
Selling an empty house can be easier from a scheduling perspective. While I never advertise that a home is vacant (even just to other Realtor®s), it makes it easy for me to approve showings. I don't need to worry about pets, bedtimes, nap-times, company, lunch or dinner, working from home or any of the other things that can make scheduling a showing complicated.
Selling an empty home, however, presents other challenges. 
When there are estimates or repairs that need to be done, the homeowner is not always available. There are times when staging needs to be done and the homeowner is not around to Jugglingapproved or disapprove of what is done. Meeting pest inspectors, appraisers and every other possible contact is often times, by necessity, all handled by the Realtor® (although many of us do these things either way, not all do).  The relationship between the Realtor® and the Seller has to be strong and trustful--in both directions.
There is additional liability that the Realtor® takes on in this type of listing and not every Realtor®/Broker is willing to assume the risk. Creating this kind of relationship may require additional information about what you both agree to in your Listing Agreement (will vary from Broker to Broker).
If you are planning to sell a home that is not occupied, be sure you understand exactly what will be required of you by the Realtor®. Make sure that the Realtor® you select to sell your vacant home is comfortable with the additional responsibilities that selling a vacant home entails and that you are comfortable with them and trust how they will handle a multitude of situations. 
Having great communications during the transaction--and making yourself as available as possible (phone, text, email, Skype, etc.) to answer questions that the come up along the way is critical to make this type of Seller/Realtor® relationship work.
Understanding both their role, and yours, will ensure that the sale of your vacant home goes smoothly.


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