The Impact of an Ebola Pandemic on Real Estate...

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Peters Realty SB065509

As I have been sitting here working at my desk this morning; as usual, I've been listening to the radio, especially the news reports. According to the World Health Organization the prediction is that Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever may well spread exponentially in the coming months, possibly exceeding 10,000 or more new cases per week world wide.

We have already seen how only a few cases (less than half a dozen here in the United States) Can through the entire health care system in to a state of utter chaos. So just what in the Hell happens if it spreads as predicted? With un-guarded, open borders; and a Federal Government to inept to recognize the obvious; too politically correct to ban travel from those places currently most impacted; what will happen to the economy should the whole big, brick sh!thouse comes down in flames?

We as Realtors are in a business especially sensitive to the well being of the economy. How much longer can we with-stand "Amateur Hour" in the White House?

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