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I attended a business meeting this morning that was most enlightening - and furthered my knowledge about how little I know about technology.  Now that I finally learned how to do a few things on the computer, they are changing it all again and everything I know is obsolete.  The problem is that it took me years to learn what I do know and I don't know if I'll be alive long enough to learn everything I now need to know.  It seems to be getting more and more confusing instead of becoming clearer.  Am I the only "non techy" person who is struggling with all this new stuff?  First we were supposed to put our pictures out there, brag about our accomplishments, be visible, etc.  Now, from what I'm hearing, no one cares what we look like (get rid of the pictures), no one cares what we've accomplished (get rid of the brag book) and everyone just wants information.  So, it seems to me that I now have to spend the better part of my day working on a computer, then go home and spend the better part of my evening working on the computer.  I'm thinking there is something wrong with this picture and I am now reduced to having absolutely NO LIFE, in this day and age of computers making things easier and more efficient for me. 

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Rob Graham
Windermere Real Estate - Seattle, WA
Rob Graham
Yes there is a learning curve, but once you learn a little bit about the technology, you find you an reach a much larger audience for much cheaper.  Then when business is great you can hire an assistant to do all that for you.  Its good to be the king/Queen.
Apr 02, 2008 08:04 AM