The Depth and Breadth of Topics on AR

Home Builder with Artisan Custom Estates

While still fairly new to AR and the web 2.0 scene, I've been impressed with the depth of the AR network.  It's amazing to spend a few minutes scanning all the groups that cover subjects from technology, to local events and listings, to policital views or to more laid back social topics in the AR Lounge and other groups.   Taking a few minutes out of the day to read the posts from AR users is often not only useful in knoweledge building, but also for getting some good laughs.

My impression of this network from reading a number of different profiles and scanning a number of blogs is that what you receive in the benefits to your business, your knowledge network, and your general well being, is in direct correlation to the time that you invest in sharing your own specific industry knowledge and reaching out to others in the AR community.  Whether building luxury custom homes in Alpharetta, Georgia, marketing resells in Dallas, Tx or providing home inspections in Seattle, Washginton, it's nice to see a platform established where all sectors of the industry can participate.

Thanks to all for establishing such a great platform for information sharing.

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