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What Are You Going As This Halloween?

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2014 Halloween Costume Ideas

Smiling children in Halloween costumes together

Are you wondering what’s hot this year when it comes to outfitting your family for Halloween? You might be surprised at the mix of classic and distinctly contemporary themes that appear to be favorites in 2014.


An October 2014 survey by Skout (a mobile networking software company) showed that people view individuals in humorous costumes inspired by pop culture as friendlier and easier to approach than those decked out in sexy or scary outfits.

When it comes to costumes for kids, Disney themes top the charts. The National Retail Federation says that 2.6 million youngsters plan to dress up as a Disney Frozen character this year (think “Olaf”). Another 1.8 million plan to appear as classic characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a princess, an animal or Spider-Man.

A number of other children’s themes should prove a hit for Halloween this year.

  • Minnie Mouse was recently the most-searched costume on Yahoo!.
  • The number of searches for the term “scary Halloween costumes” rose 5,000 percent in one month alone.
  • Holiday watchers predict that costumes featuring superheroes such as Batman will be popular.
  • Retailers expect big interest in classic characters like Wonder Woman and Dr. Seuss’s nostalgic Cat in the Hat.
  • Timeless themes like “My Little Pony” are hot this year.

About 75 million adults will be looking for costumes. This is the year to go for humor. People are looking to social media and games for inspiration. Some hits in the making include:

  • The ice bucket challenge
  • A Justin Bieber mug shot
  • Shia LeBeouf’s brown bag over the head
  • The Mccauley Culkin-Ryan Gosling t-shirt
  • A Khaleesi costume from “Game of Thrones”
  • Costumes with skull and skeleton themes reminiscent of Day of the Dead
  • Outfits with a Harlequin theme

Retailers expect 2014 Halloween spending to be about $7.4 billion—$77.52 per person—for costumes, candy and decorations.


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