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How To Stage A Home To Sell

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How To Stage A Home To Sell and Make The Most Money Possible

Not all real estate markets are experiencing home sales in a matter of days or even hours. Multiple contracts with escalation clauses are un-heard of in many areas. When these sellers list their home for sale there are still challenges to over come and obstacles to get around.  It's just like entering you home into a competition to see which one sells the fastest and for the most amount of money.  If you plan to win that competition I recommend you stage a home to sell! 

  • Clear Out The Clutter                 

    Stage a home to sell
    4843 Helios Path Barboursville VA 22923

    Today's buyer is seeking bright open space. Removing all of the clutter will give the feel of open, airy and roomy. Since your moving anyway why not start packing now. Pack up anything you don't really need right now. Pack away any extra decorative items laying around. Remove any furniture that is not a necessity. Your house will look and feel more spacious. It will allow potential buyers to move freely through rooms. 

  • Furniture Placement

Contrary to popular belief placing all of the furniture around the walls of a room doesn't really make the room appear or feel larger. Instead place furniture on a cozy friendly group in a section of a room. Try positioning your furniture  to guide the steps of a potential buyer through the room. 

  • Artificial and Natural Lighting

When you stage a home to sell lighting is an important factor. Replace any burned out bulbs in overhead lighting and lamps. You could even purchase brighter light bulbs to brighten rooms. Be sure windows are clean. Dirty windows not only look bad but they are blocking natural light. For showings always pull mini blinds and open draperies.

  • Painting Neutral Beyond The Beige

    Stage a home to sell
    4843 Helios Path Barboursville VA 22923

    Everyone know bright bold colors are a turn off for many buyers. If the wall colors don't work with their furnishings they may just move on. To stage a home to sell though you don't have to paint the entire house off-white and beige. Try a more modern neutral color like a soft blue or pale green. There are several new hues available in warm browns and honeys. Another painting tip to make smaller rooms appear larger is to use the same color from one room to the next giving a sense of flow. 

  • Curb Appeal and Fresh Flowers

Rather than spending a fortune on pricey flowers use what is right in your yard and garden. To stage a home to sell make the best first impression possible to prospective buyers. Do what the competition is not. Wow them as soon as pull up with blooms of color! Some great flowers to consider that will bloom this fall are Astors, Toad Lillies, Goldenrod and the Perennial Sunflower. Russian Sage, Colchicum and the Japanese Anemone will look lovely clipped and put in vases.   

  • The Bedrooms

Make the bedrooms inviting. Warm colors will work best. Clear out the closets showing potential buyers the space available. Be sure to keep all personal items out of site. Put them away in drawers. Place candles around the room and perhaps a book on the night stand. 

  • The kitchen  staging a house to sell

A great way to modernize an older kitchen is to pain the cabinets bright white. Replacing the hardware can also give them a brand new look. Always keep the counters clear except for a few items depending on the space you have. The idea is to show the amount of work space. Just like the closets clear the cabinets of items you don't need right now. Place a bowl of fresh fruit and or a bouquet of flowers from the yard in here. 


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