Washington, DC Makes Way for Its Own Version Of High Line Park

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With many considering the flourishing neighborhood of Adams Morgan to be the “Brooklyn of the nation’s capital,” it seems Washington, DC city officials are looking to draw even stronger parallels to New York City with the development of a new High Line-inspired park. The city’s first elevated park has been proposed to reinvigorate an old railroad across the Anacostia River, and will establish it in the higher echelon of the country’s modern metropolises.


Dubbed 11th Street Bridge Park, the project is the brainchild from the collaboration between the Washington, DC city government and the Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus, a nonprofit devoted to educating underserved DC populations in the fine arts, education, medical and dental fields. Although plans are yet incomplete for what the park will feature, officials hope to see parts of the park set up to have outdoor performance spaces, playgrounds, orchards, classrooms and kayaking.


The vision behind the park revolves around four stated goals that park organizers would like to accomplish with the ambitious construction: the improved health of the community, connectivity to the Anacostia River, reconnection of the Anacostia and Capitol Hill neighborhoods and to generate new jobs and economic activity for the area.


Washington, DC Park Design Is Passionately Contested Among World’s Best Architects


In working on the park, the planning commission has been collaborating with Washington, DC home owners, hosting more than 300 public meetings for ideas, programming and planning activities. The commission has also been collaborating with some of the world’s premier architecture firms to realize a vast vision for the future of the Anacostia River, an interesting turnaround for a city that is so architecturally significant in its structures.


As of early October, four design teams have been shortlisted with the winning design to be decided later in the month. The wide range of proposals show a diversity in what city planners are asking for as well as the broad scope of genius that has been called upon to realize those visions. One of the proposals calls for a trampoline park, climbing walls and extensive dog parks, while another calls for a sloped bridge structure that allows for ample views of the river and performance spaces as well as a hammock grove.


“These are some of the best designers in the world and their work reflects that,” said Scott Kratz, director of the 11th Street Bridge Project, to The Washington Post. “We were hoping that the proposals would not just be shades of gray and we received reds and blues and greens and purples. They are all so different while still responding to the community’s vision.”

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