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Conventional Loan Down Payment Assistance Phoenix AZ HFA Program

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A new Conventional Loan  down payment assistance program in Phoenix  Arizona allows for conventional financing.  The (HFA) Down Payment Assistance Program allows for no money down.  A 4% down payment assistance with a required 3% down payment allows home buyers to buy a home in Phoenix Arizona


HFA Down Payment Assistance Program for Conventional Financing Phoenix AZ

  • 4% down payment assistance used to meet 3% down payment requirement or closing costs
  • 680 credit score required maximum 45% debt to income ratio
  • No repayment required
  • 88,340 income limit with maximum purchase price of 353,360.
  • Lower mortgage insurance payment compared to FHA
  • 3% down payment
  • Lower Payments than FHA's Home In 5 program
  • No condo's or manufactured homes allowed


The HFA down payment assistance program gives borrowers in Phoenix and residents in Maricopa county the opportunity to buy a home with little to no money out of pocket.  With the down payment assistance and the ability to have the seller to contribute up to 3% for closing costs this program allows for home buyers to take advantage of a little to no money out of pocket.


Compared to Home In 5 program the HFA conventional down payment assistance program will have lower mortgage insurance and an overall lower payment.  


Contact Joe Hansen @ VIP Mortgage to be pre-qualified for HFA Down Payment Assistance program available to home buyers in Phoenix Arizona and Maricopa County. Conventional Down Payment Assistance