House or Condo, as a Single Indianapolis Parent?

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House or Condo, as a Single Indianapolis Parent?


I am 41 years old and today my 70 year old father taught me how to use a cordless drill, drill bit and all that good stuff to hang something.  So yes, I am not handy.

I didn't buy my home with intentions of becoming single, but it happened.  It was my son's and my first home.  To see him ride his bike around in the subdivision, go fishing in the pond behind our house and just generally enjoy a home's amenities was truly a treasure.  Kicking the soccer ball with him in the front yard reminds me of what having a home is all about at the end of the day.


That being said, when the weeds need pulled and the grass needs cut, after having two back surgeries I debate the benefits of a condo in a very serious way as a single mom.  There are benefits to both. Do you want to buy an Indianapolis Condo or an Indianapolis Home?

You pay a price with condo dues, but say you are not physically capable of cutting the grass or time wise you are not able to?  How much would you pay someone to cut your grass?  And with the rain here earlier this year in Indianapolis, you would need your grass cut at least three times a month.  As a single parent these are things you need to analyze.

If you are debating between the two, take a look at what amenities condos  you are interested in offer.  Find out what the monthly dues are and exactly what they cover.  Break down those costs on what you would pay for that pool membership, possible gym membership, grass maintenance etc.  Is there a playground for your kids, room to ride bikes if important?  Maybe your life is so busy with soccer practice, dance lessons, gymnastics, travel sports or other things that maintaining the outside of your house is not something you want?


These are some of the things to consider when deciding between a house and a condo. 

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