New Hot Spot for Rock Hill - Home South Decor

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Having several Home Decor stores in town can offer a great variety to the community and I am excited to announce a new one has just opened in Rock Hill it is Home South Decor. The company is headquartered in York County and also has a location in Charlotte, NC. The store has 30,000 square feet of shopping possibilities for you. What do they feature you ask? If you are a wreath maker this store will be your new haven. Shelves and shelves of well organized ribbon are abundant. As I mentioned there are plenty of blank canvas wreaths to choose from as well to let your creative juices come into action. You will find great seasonal features as well which will change out as the different seasons roll around, right now there is quite a bit of Christmas decor on display. The Christmas decor options are not just "one size fits all" it's available in a range of tastes. There is also a beautiful selection of wicker furniture with plenty of cushions and pillows to coordinate with the furniture. You will find a large selection of home decor that is not seasonal based, it's more year round if you will. The kitchen section has a great supply of hard to find kitchen tools, beautiful ceramics, containers, glass jars, mugs, platters, etc. If you are a wine connoisseur you will appreciate the large selection they are getting ready to offer. Home South is also featuring a selection of  local North and South Carolina foods such as BBQ sauces, jams, dry mixes, cookies etc. The products they have to offer is refreshingly different in comparison to the other nearby home stores in that they have a unique variety and you will not find duplicate items in other stores.   Please take time out of your day to support our local businesses. You can find them out of the Galleria Mall behind the Wal-Mart, there exact address is 2301 Dave Lyle Blvd Rock Hill SC 29730 which is the mall address. Here are a few pictures to give you a taste, they don't do the store justice you really need to go in person. 












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