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I have noticed that some Relators are in such a hurry to get their property listed that they miss a golden opportunity to really show the listing at it's best. Every home will look different depending on what time of day it is. Some rooms will shine in the morning and others in the evening. Is there a view? The skyline will change throughout the day as well.

In this series of 5 images, I will be showing examples of how the same property can change right before your eyes! Each photo was taken from about the same spot give or take a few feet. I am using an image of the "view" as my example. The same idea applies for indoor photos as well.



In this first image, the strong sunlight on the horizon is all washed out and the foreground is just blah. I know we can do better than this!





















By blending 5 images and using HDR techniques, the second image is much more interesting. This is more true to what our eyes see. 


















In the third photo, the sun is peaking through the clouds for a whole new look! This was taken the

  next day. What a difference a day can make! It can go either way. 



















A nighttime image can be just as dramatic as one taken during the day. Adding something unique to    your listing photos is a great way to stand apart from the competition. Clients who are looking at dozens  of properties will remember an image if it is unique. Plus, a nighttime image adds a bit of romance! 




















In this final image, the scene changes again with the clouds. Personally, I love to shoot a property when   there are clouds in the sky. It makes for a more interesting photo and afterall, that IS the bottom      line, choose images that will help you stand out from the rest of the noise. 



















 There you have it! Five very different images of the the same scene.....

Consider trying these tips the next time you schedule your listing photos.....

1. Pick a time that best suits the house to take your photos. Usually early morning and late in the afternoon are the best. Maybe your listing would look like a million bucks with a twilight photo... It might require a return trip from your photographer but the end result will be worth it. Show the property in it's best light! 

2. Find something unique about the property. Is there a really cool looking tree or a garden? Maybe it's a beautiful patio or a birdhouse. Or maybe it's the playground across the street. What ever it is, take advantage and stand out from the rest of the group. 

3. Use a professional photographer. I have seen so many listings of stunning properties only to find drab looking listing photos. The first place a new client is going to look for a house is online. Why not stand out with something that they will remember! 


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Winston Heverly
Winston Realty, Inc. - Atlantis, FL

Janet,  a beautiful read today with some interesting facts with useful info. Hope to catch some others down the road.

Oct 21, 2014 12:55 PM