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4 Apps to Help Westfield Home Buyers This Fall

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In earlier eras, a would-be Westfield home buyer had few tools to aid in the task of finding a home that was ‘just right.’ Today, the situation has gotten a good deal easier thanks to a wealth of real estate apps that home buyers simply download onto their mobile devices. There are apps that can help you with everything from finding your dream home (and determining how much you can afford) to learning more about the neighborhood.


Home Buyer Terminology

Every home buyer is inevitably exposed to a welter of technical terms—and some of them have meanings that differ from what you would guess. Trying to decipher the jargon is a challenge you can shortcut with a good app dedicated to the task. Android users can download Relmark’s Glossary Real Estate Terms; iPhone and other Apple devices use Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms (although, like so many parts of the Apple universe, it’s a bit pricey). 


Neighborhood Info

When a home buyer wants truly in-depth information about an area, SiteWise can provide some data that’s not usually provided. This app was actually developed for commercial purposes, but since it gives a complete overview of the demographics of the area around a home, it can provide useful info. Typical data shows the average age of the population, their educational level, average number of children, and how many renters and owners live in the neighborhood.


Space measurements

Before you buy, you want to make sure that the property will accommodate all of your furnishings. Big Blue Pixel’s Photo Measures app makes quick work of memorializing what you find on any walk-through. You to take a picture of each of the rooms, then save the relevant measurements on the photo for later analysis after you get home. 


Bottom line

Choosing the right property involves more than just finding the right home. You also need to be sure that you can comfortably afford it when all costs are considered. The highly-rated Home Buying Power app is used by both professionals and consumers to estimate how much a property is likely to cost—now and in the future. You can set the financial calculator to reference the percentage of your income that you want to spend…or target the monthly payment you are looking for.

This is just a handful of the innovative apps which are streamlining the process today’s home buyer in Westfield experiences. New apps are being introduced almost weekly, so when you find one you like, look for the ‘users also bought’ icons that link to other useful tools. Of course, the most useful of all is your Westfield real estate expert—so don’t hesitate to give me a call!



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